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[ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [G960U/U1]

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Does this process still work? I have been unable to get the root file at all (no mirrors found). Have a G960U that is not tied to a carrier. Looking for a way to either root this thing and use it or make it a Verizon model (can't currently do it as it's bootloader is a 9 whereas the VZW firmware I can find is a 7). Any help would be great. I know it's an older device but it is a nearly new device I want to make some use of.


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Jul 18, 2021
Hello Gang.Awesome works on this stuff. Imagine a year to figure out how to Root These G960W s .
MySelf I'm small time. But I do need Help. New at this stuff. Got the Fever though.
Have a S9 G960W Canadian. Was a Great Phone. Made the Mistake of Flashing the Wrong Files n Bootlooped it for a while. The updated version of the files did flash properly. I can now run the phone with a very limited software. Not able to Root it yet. Need help with that to. Not sure what to do next. Any suggestions.


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Aug 9, 2009
Its a paid service but it works both these guys do bootloader unlocks on these devices now. Once unlocked you can use my AIO files too root install twrp etc. They are found HERE

Info For Bootloader Unlocks Can Be Found

Another Thread For Bootloader Unlocks Can Be Found


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Oct 30, 2019
Does this process still work? I have been unable to get the root file at all (no mirrors found). Have a G960U that is not tied to a carrier. Looking for a way to either root this thing and use it or make it a Verizon model (can't currently do it as it's bootloader is a 9 whereas the VZW firmware I can find is a 7). Any help would be great. I know it's an older device but it is a nearly new device I want to make some use of.
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    This method is brought to you entirely by @elliwigy He is the reason for this exploit and method.
    With that being said, Extreme Syndicate Root is now available!

    This root method breaks things and most likely will not be able to be used as a daily driver
    You can be on any version bootloader. This will update you to V7 bootloader
    This method will work if you are on Android 10 or Android 9 Pie but will put you on Android 8 Oreo. There is no root for Android 10 or Android 9 Pie
    You will not be able to use magisk
    You will not be able to flash full custom rom like Lineage or any other AOSP roms however GSI system images maybe possible
    You cannot flash custom boot images or recovery images such as TWRP
    Odin does not work on some later computers with USB 3.1 chip controllers the only work around is using a USB 2.0 mini hub
    It is your responsibility to make sure you can use adb properly
    Root may break things such as safetynet so deal with it


    The Extreme Syndicate team and it's affiliates are not responsible for your actions or your device if any issues are to arise. You flash this and utilize these files at your own risk. You have been warned!

    The Adventure!:

    I will not get into any technical details here. Just know that this method has taken me ~1 year from start to finish. I also went through a number of devices during this time (at least 7 devices), even sold my original N9 then somehow ended up with another one before this root method was found. Some of us devs might be a bit burnt out so don't get upset if we are not in here all day every day answering everyones questions. We hope users will help eachother, that is what XDA is all about! Also, if you want more real time conversation/support then please join our Telegram group (link posted below) as this is easier for us to moderate and allows discussion to be had in real time. I don't always check XDA messages or PM's as it can be a lot and very tiresome so your best bet is Telegram!

    Also, donations/money is not expected or required but if you feel obliged to share what you can then that would be greatly appreciated! Donations keep me on the grind and sometimes can even help me in acquiring other devices to work on. I had issues with Paypal a while back (SamPWND days) and do not have a Paypal account. I do however have a Venmo and Transferwise accounts that work in most situations.

    Venmo - http://www.venmo.com/Thomas-Huntington-10

    Transferwise - PM @elliwigy for info to donate using Transferwise.

    Now Let's get into the files/method!

    - This does NOT trip KNOX so don't ask.
    - Bootloader is of course still locked.
    - This uses some partitions from combo firmware which means 80% battery.
    - Each variant will have its own post in its own section. N9 in N9 section, S9 in S9 section, S9+ in S9+ section.. Make sure youre in the right one!
    * Variants this should work on are: N960U/U1/W, G965U/U1/W, G960U/U1/W. If you do not have one of these variants then this forum is not for you!
    - Initial files/method will leave you on Oreo stock root.
    * Some users were successful in running Pie GSI but the initial posts will not include this. Others will do this and maybe down the road threads will be updated.
    - It works on latest rev's from rev1 up to the most recent revs.
    - As of the initial first release, all variants have an issue with MTP not working, we are working on it however.
    - S9 and S9+ also might have some issues with the selfie cam. Also being looked into.
    - There will be 3 threads created as this method works on 3 different variants. These groups will be facilitated by the following:
    - Note 9 @elliwigy
    - S9+ @klabit87
    - S9 @jrkruse
    - Telegram Support Group for All 3: https://t.me/joinchat/DxwvAlhtzHjg4EI9973BGQ



    COMBINATION_FAC_FA80_G960USQU9AUA1_FACFAC_CL13230190_QB37236208_REV01_user_mid_noship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5.zip Latest​

    2. In odin folder flash the combo firmware

    3. Once combo is booted up run the root bat. When done phone will reboot to download.

    4. In odin flash the bootswap.tar.md5 file. What this does is swaps the boot and recovery images which allows system to be mounted rw.

    5. Now when done flashing you need to hold the buttons to boot to recovery but since we swapped boot and recovery images it will boot system.

    6. Now put your phone in airplane mode. This must be done whenever using Flashfire. Copy the system.img, vendor.img, and ODM zip files to your phone.

    7. In Flashfire, choose zip and select the odm zip make sure to select mount system when flashfire ask. Then choose firmware and choose the system.img and the vendor.img. Then choose data wipe and wipe user and system data (the default choices). Make sure inject super su is NOT enabled. Disable it. Do not let flashfire inject root!!

    8.. Now click flash. When finished you will have to hold buttons to reboot to recovery until you see boot animation. You must do this on every reboot. If you do not it will reboot to stock recovery. If it reboots to stock recovery just reboot system and hold buttons to reboot to recovery again.

    9. When rom is booted up your computer will not recognize the phone for mtp file transfer. Adb does still work so you can transfer stuff that way (you need to switch to ptp transfer method in the dropdown) or use USB adapter and use a thumb drive.

    10. Biometrics do not work so don’t try to setup fingerprint or face recognition.

    Some GSI may work. YMMV


    @elliwigy For the method and help and everything else
    @klabit87 - Ditto
    @me2151 - Ditto
    @gsm-CHEN - Ditto
    @mweinbach - For always posting my achievements on the XDA News portal as well as giving me someone to troll sometimes when bored.
    @ShaDisNX255 - He was our best tester, give him credits for testing out GSI as well!
    @everyone else I am forgetting!

    GSI rom discussion needs to be done in telegram thread

    I downloaded it but can't get them

    It would be what? And them would be who? Next time don’t offer so much information in your question. You really over did it.

    Sent from some device I modified
    Why don’t you guys put as much effort in finding solutions to the problems the phone has from being rooted as you are wasting everyone’s time with stupid post

    Sent from some device I modified
    People can still post their problems. It's just for fun, and it is kind of on topic.

    To root? Or not to root? That is the question that seems like root is no longer needed

    this isnt a "post your problems" thread or a "root or no root" discussion...

    its a root method for g960u/u1.. discussion should stick to this actual method/files/process.. theres probably 100s if not 1000s of other general threads u can post about your opinions/life problems in..

    if u dont feel u need root then u can stay away from this thread since the whole purpose is to provide a root method so people can root, not start a debate.