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Sep 4, 2018
tôi tìm thấy lỗi không xác định nguyên nhân mdx ss.
cmd cài đặt không công khai ff.apk.
Bạn có thể giúp tôi với vấn đề này?

I found unspecified error mdx ss.
cmd install unlisted ff.apk.
Can you help me with this problem?


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Aug 9, 2009
Ahhh im to late, I'm at the last update I try but I can't downgrade the software anymore
Damn you Samsung 😭
just find the combination firmware for the latest bootloader rev and you can still root. You just have to make your own boot swap files with the files from latest combo firmware


Aug 16, 2018
just find the combination firmware for the latest bootloader rev and you can still root. You just have to make your own boot swap files with the files from latest combo firmware
I have a verison s9+ SM-G965U but i'm also on the latest android 10 version. would i be able to downgrade and root or is it too late? if it's not too late, could you help guide me so i can root?


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Mar 9, 2019
Benton, Tn
My s9 plus is on version 8 bootloader. Is there any way to root it at all. My build # is QP1A.190711.020G965U1UEU8FTK1


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Mar 5, 2015
Ok, I am on the latest update with bootloader ver 10. Am I screwed for rooting my SM-G965U1? This phone has never been rooted but I have rooted phones in the past.


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Nov 5, 2014
Guys - I was able to get it running on Android 10 with Bootloader Ver. 8 without issue so far.

  1. Find the combination firmware for your device that has the Bootloader Version 8 - For me it was a file named G965USQU8ATH1 (note the QU8, any lower than 8 and the file will fail to flash). If you're on a firmware with QU9 bootloader, I'm not sure if your combination file exists. If you find one, comment here for everyone else.
  2. Complete steps 2&3 from the instructions using the combination firmware file you just found.
  3. Extract boot.img and recovery.img from the combination firmware file you found in step one of this comment.
  4. Swap the names (boot.img becomes recovery.img and recovery.img becomes boot.img)
  5. Use 7zip (or other tool) to add them to a TAR file named bootswap.tar
  6. Continue instructions from the original post, starting at Step 4 with your new TAR file.

I didn't have to change any other steps or files. This got me an ATT version S9+ rooted with SuperSU.


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Jun 10, 2012
I know this thread is over a year old, and I have read most of it, but now there's little to go on for those of us with updated Android Phones.

1. I have a S9+ Running Android 10
2. Software Version G965usqS9FUC2
3. Hardware Rev 1.1


1. Is this Phone Rootable?

2. If this phone can be rooted, can you still run Android 10 or will you have to flash to Android Oreo (8.1)?

3 Will Knox be tripped? What are the limitations of the phone after rooting? What apps won't work?

Appreciate the guidance. Trying to make a determination if it's worth trying to root. Also, I saw a comment that a bootloader may not be available for USq9. Has this been resolved?


Jan 20, 2017
Before I even attempt this, and yes I've attempted to answer this question myself searching google, what's with the /u1/w? My Galaxy s9+ model does not say /u1/w at the end. That's all I'm concerned about at the moment.

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    This method is brought to you entirely by @elliwigy He is the reason for this exploit and method.
    With that being said, Extreme Syndicate Root is now available!


    The Extreme Syndicate team and it's affiliates are not responsible for your actions or your device if any issues are to arise. You flash this and utilize these files at your own risk. You have been warned!

    The Adventure!:

    I will not get into any technical details here. Just know that this method has taken me ~1 year from start to finish. I also went through a number of devices during this time (at least 7 devices), even sold my original N9 then somehow ended up with another one before this root method was found. Some of us devs might be a bit burnt out so don't get upset if we are not in here all day every day answering everyones questions. We hope users will help eachother, that is what XDA is all about! Also, if you want more real time conversation/support then please join our Telegram group (link posted below) as this is easier for us to moderate and allows discussion to be had in real time. I don't always check XDA messages or PM's as it can be a lot and very tiresome so your best bet is Telegram!

    Also, donations/money is not expected or required but if you feel obliged to share what you can then that would be greatly appreciated! Donations keep me on the grind and sometimes can even help me in acquiring other devices to work on. I had issues with Paypal a while back (SamPWND days) and do not have a Paypal account. I do however have a Venmo and Transferwise accounts that work in most situations.

    Venmo - http://www.venmo.com/Thomas-Huntington-10

    Transferwise - PM @elliwigy for info to donate using Transferwise.

    Now Let's get into the files/method!

    - This does NOT trip KNOX so don't ask.
    - Bootloader is of course still locked.
    - This uses some partitions from combo firmware which means 80% battery.
    - Each variant will have its own post in its own section. N9 in N9 section, S9 in S9 section, S9+ in S9+ section.. Make sure youre in the right one!
    * Variants this should work on are: N960U/U1/W, G965U/U1/W, G960U/U1/W. If you do not have one of these variants then this forum is not for you!
    - Initial files/method will leave you on Oreo stock root.
    * Some users were successful in running Pie GSI but the initial posts will not include this. Others will do this and maybe down the road threads will be updated.
    - It works on latest rev's from rev1 up to the most recent revs.
    - As of the initial first release, all variants have an issue with MTP not working, we are working on it however.
    - S9 and S9+ also might have some issues with the selfie cam. Also being looked into.
    - There will be 3 threads created as this method works on 3 different variants. These groups will be facilitated by the following:
    - Note 9 @elliwigy
    - S9+ @klabit87
    - S9 @jrkruse
    - Telegram Support Group for All 3: https://t.me/joinchat/DxwvAlhtzHjg4EI9973BGQ


    1. Downloads: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=4349826312261714687

    2. In odin folder flash the combo firmware

    3. Once combo is booted up run the root bat. When done phone will reboot to download.

    4. In odin flash the bootswap.tar.md5 file. What this does is swaps the boot and recovery images which allows system to be mounted rw.

    5. Now when done flashing you need to hold the buttons to boot to recovery but since we swapped boot and recovery images it will boot system.

    6. Now put your phone in airplane mode. This must be done whenever using Flashfire. Copy the system.img, vendor.img, and ODM zip files to your phone.

    7. In Flashfire, choose zip and select the odm zip. Make sure you select the option to mount system. Then choose firmware and choose the system.img and the vendor.img. Then choose data wipe and wipe user and system data (the default choices). Make sure inject super su is NOT enabled. Disable it. Do not let flashfire inject root!!

    8.. Now click flash. When finished you will have to hold buttons to reboot to recovery until you see boot animation. You must do this on every reboot. If you do not it will reboot to stock recovery. If it reboots to stock recovery just reboot system and hold buttons to reboot to recovery again.

    9. When rom is booted up your computer will not recognize the phone for mtp file transfer. Adb does still work so you can transfer stuff that way (you need to switch to ptp transfer method in the dropdown) or use USB adapter and use a thumb drive.

    10. Biometrics do not work so don’t try to setup fingerprint or face recognition.

    Some GSI may work. YMMV


    @jrkruse - Helping me over the years and for all his contributions.
    @klabit87 - Ditto
    @me2151 - Ditto
    @gsm-CHEN - Ditto
    @mweinbach - For always posting my achievements on the XDA News portal as well as giving me someone to troll sometimes when bored.
    @ShaDisNX255 - He was our best tester, give him credits for testing out GSI as well!
    @everyone else I am forgetting!


    Sent from some device I modified
    Guys I posted a link up for my s8 battery fix for 80% of any one rooted wants to try

    ---------- Post added at 02:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:21 PM ----------

    im surprised samsung is that sad when it comes to these vulns lol.. even sadder it took me so long before finding it..

    hell i even gave up and sold my n9 before getting anpther then it happened within the day practically lol.. was prolly burnt out after a year and missed the obvious

    That's funny

    ---------- Post added at 02:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:21 PM ----------

    To some people, phones are like crack... but instead of smoking it, gotta crack it, not literally but the software. ;)

    On a different note, have you noticed how XDA has been more quiet lately than usual... not sure what's up with that. Hmm...

    Just here in sammy. All the good devices with unlockable bootloaders are hot hot hot ???
    There's likely not going to be a fix for those restrictions (it's the signed kernel which is the key to this exploit), so instead of waiting you're better off getting the G965F version with unlocked bootloader, custom recovery, and no restrictions.

    By the way, the flipping of the boot with recovery is brilliant! ;)

    im surprised samsung is that sad when it comes to these vulns lol.. even sadder it took me so long before finding it..

    hell i even gave up and sold my n9 before getting anpther then it happened within the day practically lol.. was prolly burnt out after a year and missed the obvious
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