ROOT for SM-J727P Galaxy J7 Perx Galaxy J7 2017

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Jul 18, 2013
...I'm looking to Root my J7 Virgin Mobile Phone its a SM-j727P phone on a sprint network, im trying to root my phone with magsik and spoof my location...i am wondering if this process stills works


Jul 18, 2013
i dont know what happened now..I used odin got TWRP on the phone and now the phone says NO OS...and i tried odin to put the firmware back on and its not working.....


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Oct 14, 2012
i dont know what happened now..I used odin got TWRP on the phone and now the phone says NO OS...and i tried odin to put the firmware back on and its not working.....
You must have wiped the system partition. Not sure why you did that?

Your info is a little scant on details, so can't help you there.

peter couniaz

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Dec 18, 2011
Root update

Failed to mount /data.
Ok you are at a stand still you are going to have to flash latest firmware try J727PVPU4BRK4 you can find it on the Sammobile website !
#1 flash firmware file let it boot !
#2 Go into stock recovery factory reset phone pull battery !
#3 boot download mod using odin flash twrp make shore in odin to uncheck auto reboot before flashing twrp pull battery again !
#4 boot strait into twrp an wipe data flash latest Magisk v18.1 zip wipe data again then boot system an install Magisk manager 7.0.0 ! you should have Root ! that's it good luck !

An yes you can still backdate to 7.0 if you want to you just need to flash the J727PVPU4ARG2 BL an CP file in odin wipe system in twrp an restore you backup of that build or flash one of my custom builds for J727PVPU4ARG2 !
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    Ok seeing as no-one could be bothered to respond to my post I'm just gonna leave this here.

    It may boot it may not? It may not even install if this device has a locked bootloader.
    If it does then great, report any issues along with the recovery log.
    If it doesn't then descriptive information is required along with screenshots where possible. Anybody who simply posts generic 'NOT WORKING' will be ignored.



    It flashed just fine, but will not boot. The partitions seem to be off as you can not access microsd, or internal storage and wipe gets permission denied errors for usb otg and microsd. Thanks for working on this...I tried porting it but it didn't even flash:crying:
    You say it doesn't boot, but it clearly has, confused? :confused:

    Also the errors I'm seeing is what I expected using the stock kernel.
    The next build will be using a custom built kernel and all those issues should be fixed.

    The internal storage won't mount until the /data partition is FORMATTED to remove encryption.

    Thanks for testing and reporting.
    So I brought back my J3 and bought this: SM-J727P Galaxy J7 Perx TD-LTE / Galaxy J7 2017
    Is there any way to root this yet? I couldn't find anything.
    I'd love a DE-bloated ROM too but I know it doesn't exist yet.
    thanks for any help.
    @RS.85243 @Project89Odin

    Ok, so I'm back on with TWRP. Made a few config changes to the kernel.

    If you're willing to test it out:


    So I'm going to say one thing find Ashy and bribe hi..hes why i got root on my j3 2017 emerge.mmi know but it was all theyd give me in terms of samsungs and therse only a few other highend and moddable one like moto which allows you yah you the owner to do what u want with again u the owbers device ...what a concept Pm me in a week or so and if u have no takers I'll compile one for you on my Ubumtu17.04 running Mate or on a LTs version of Ubuntu on a cm machine...well I wish you luck and to speed up the process find the kernel and the recovery.img and boot. I MG (.img files can be extracted from a Odin file that goes in the ap slot ) kernel well ask Samsung If someone gets two and wants to trade me for a J7 Perkx for my J327P Emerge I will develop a few from source....which I was successfully creating a moto e surnia . I did what everyone did and started from scratch and I'd be my own tester not releasing it till it was at least sta b le....just a thought

    regards C HI-RES IAN