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Aug 29, 2014
Ive unlock sim pin.
Now its the screen pin.Recover Samsung account,request unlock,wait.....and error
The phone its in offline mode,and i cant remove it because,if i click on offline mode,request the pin.....So?Its a joke?


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Jan 16, 2021
Patch AP file with Magisk manager
huh... i didn't know you could try that way too, same way as i root my neighbor S20. thx anyway i will try that.

update (Jul 17): succeeded root my phone... but as precaution if you want to root your Android 11, you need to backup your data first. after i flash the patch boot on odin, i can't boot up and it ask for a factory reset (idk why but it seems to corrupt the storage somehow) well in the end i back logged on to my phone again.
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Oct 26, 2021
Late reply but may be it's helpful for you because it's too much easy to root any Samsung galaxy phone using EFTSU Root File and Tool. you can try to download Root File and Tool from easy-fimware.com
and for how to root any Samsung phone using EFTSU Root Tool and file must read instructions: https://easyfirmwarex.com/eftsu-root-flash-tool/


Dec 17, 2022
a massive thanks to the Devs/Senior Members(Physwizz)/admin on here. After much struggle with my a20 I managed to get it working. I think my biggest noob mistake was thinking that 'download mode' = 'bootloader mode' because in bl mode it says 'Downloading'.. and I could never get to the actual download mode due to incorrect combo/timing/needing the cable in etc.. Thank you so much.

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    Useful videos


    A. Prepare boot image

    1. Download magisk manager apk
    2. Download the exact firmware (including upgrade date) for your device from https://samfrew.com or https://www.samfirmware.net/ or https://www.full-repair-firmware.com/search?q=A20 or
    3. Use zarchiver to copy AP_20xxxxxxxx.md5 to download directory. It will extract it from the zip.
    4. Rename AP_20xxxxxxxx.md5 to AP_20xxxxxxx.tar and extract using zarchiver
    5. Copy boot.img.Iz4 to download directory and extract (resulting in boot.img)
    6. Use magisk manager to patch boot.img (use top install) result magisk_patched.img
    (If using Magisk (Canary) patch, options should be remove dm-verity and not via recovery, but allowing Persist Encrypt.)
    7. Rename magisk_patched.img to boot.img
    9. Use zarchiver to compress boot.img to boot.tar. If you have a A205xx June firmware (U2 bootloader), you can use my one of you're willing to take a risk. View attachment boot.zip. Just unzip it first.
    9a. For a20e users, try this boot.img https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=81649257&postcount=260
    10. Copy boot.tar to Windows pc or Windows Virtualbox.
    11. On phone developer options in settings unlock OEM and enable usb debugging

    (If using Linux
    9. Don't compress `boot.img`
    10. install heimdall flash with `sudo apt install heimdall-flash`, if you want front-end install it with `sudo apt install heimdall-flash-frontend`)

    B. Unlock bootloader

    Useful video

    12. Backup data. It will be wiped.
    13. Turn phone off
    14. Hold vol- and vol+ and plug in power cable attached to pc then release vol up to enter unlock screen.
    15. Follow the instructions to unlock
    (You might need to long press vol up to unlock bootloader)
    vol + to select yes to confirm.
    17. Press power key to unlock bootloader.
    18. Reboot and reactivate developer options and enable usb debugging. Don't enter too much data at this stage as you will lose it again later.

    C. Flash boot image.

    19. Turn phone on in bootloader (download) mode (Hold power and vol+ to enter recovery mode then select bootloader download mode)
    20. Connect phone to computer.
    21. Use Odin in Windows to add boot.tar to phone. (Select AP). Some people recommend adding the other firmware parts to their slots at the same time.
    22. Restart phone
    23. select bootloader
    24. Select factory reset (this will wipe data)
    25. Restart phone
    26. install data
    26. install magisk manager
    27. If green phone is rooted.
    View attachment 4802665
    28. Of red select install/direct install
    29. Advanced tick both.
    30. Install root checker and verify root

    If Something Goes Wrong
    Go here


    If you get a DTBO error after updating Magisk, flash this vbmeta https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-dogButfxKGlx_x2tSROOBDiq90SDlmc/view

    (If using Linux
    To flash:
    20. Detect device with `heimdall detect`
    21. Flash the `boot.img` with `heimdall flash --BOOT {location of the boot.img, you can also just drop the file into terminal and terminal should auto-fill it}` ex: `heimdall flash --BOOT '/home/utku/Programlar/ext/boot.img'`

    P.S: an easy way to boot into download mode is `adb reboot bootloader`)

    If you want to remove the warning messages on the boot screen
    try this.
    The images shown on the A30 thread aren't suitable for the A20 so I have included some better ones here.

    View attachment 4803752

    You can use this param.tar to make these changes easier.

    You can now move on to install TWRP
    This TWRP was originally designed for Android 9 but works perfectly with Android 10 and also has MTP built-in.

    Read the first 3 posts before you proceed.
    For Android 10 go here

    For a20e go here

    WARNING: Rooting your phone may be dangerous.
    Rooting a device may void the warranty on the device. It may also make the device unstable or if not done properly, may completely brick the device. XDA-Developers or the author does not take any responsibility for your device. Root at your own risk and only if you understand what you are doing!
    Advantages of rooting:

    Once you root your device you can install flashable zip files and custom ROMs.

    You can backup all your apps and data using Titanium Backup.

    You can customize your device according to your needs by deleting unwanted system apps and using Deathly Adiutor to modify the kernel.
    View attachment 4802662
    Disadvantages of Rooting:

    Once you root your device, your device warranty will be void.

    After rooting yourndevice may become unstable.

    You may not be able to upgrade OTA in the future.
    This method should root your Samsung Galaxy SM-A205X (all models except SM-A205U and SM-A205DL).
    It was developed for the U2 bootloader (June 2019 firmware)

    This method does not work for the a20s (A207X)

    This method can be used to root other Samsung phones including the a20e( post#77 post#180, post#256)

    Quick Root and TWRP for A205xx
    You'll find it much quicker.

    Repair Firmware
    This site contains
    1. Full repair firmware
    2. Combination firmware
    3. Fix dm verify
    4. Root instructions and unpatched boot images

    More firmware (some are even prerooted)

    Samfirm Tool for really fast downloads
    One other note you may want to add for those who can't see the OEM unlock in developer options. Booting the phone after a factory reset I would advise to turn off Wifi in the initial setup and turn off autoupdate Time in the date and time section of the General Management. Then set the date back 3 or 4 weeks. Then turn on developer options. You won't see OEM unlock anywhere if your phone is like mine. Then reboot, turn on Wifi and autoupdate time. After that is done you should be able to see the OEM unlock in developer options.

    ---------- Post added at 01:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:47 PM ----------

    I'm starting to look into TWRP for this phone and will post any info in the other thread here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/help/twrp-samsung-galaxy-a20-custom-recovery-t3955271