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Root help? Adb not seeing phone.

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New member
Oct 31, 2017
Hello everyone. So I have this old phone the LG Nitro p930 that I wanted to root and set up for my toddler. I can see from reading a lot of different threads that this phone pretty much sucks for that but I can see it's still possible.

Unfortunately I can't really dive into this because I'm having a problem getting the phone recognized on various Windows machines.

I've tried on Windows 8.1 I even tried booting up an old Windows XP. I've tried installing the traditional drivers and even updating the Google driver to see the correct ID and use that.

Unfortunately nothing I do allows the Android debug bridge to see the device so I can start trying to use one of the various tools to perform the root.

oddly enough even though Android debug Bridge was not seeing the phone the LG software saw the phone and updated it to 4.0.4.

So any thoughts? Anything I may have missed? I definitely don't mind diving in and getting my hands dirty but unfortunately I can't do that until I can get past this haha