[ROOT] [How To] Install Google Play Store On Amazon 7" Kindle Fire HD

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Oct 30, 2007
Well.. even tho play store loads, logs in, even downloads apps.. in the background it updates google play services, which that alone causes it to constantly crash on the play services. So really.. seems doesnt work right anymore. Anyone have any updated solutions? Even Kindlefree isnt working right to solve that all.


Feb 6, 2011
I've got the same problem. Searched all over the net, but I still haven't found a working solution. Has anyone else got Google Play Store to work without crashing?


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May 4, 2010
The same issue over here. For the first time it was working ok, but after Google play update, it started again with FC. I guess Google has triggered some kind of protection maybe. I don't know. I tried a lot for dew days, but no fix so far.


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Apr 17, 2018
Have tried the instructions on the 1st page on a Kindle fire 7 HD 2012 version 7.5.1 and it keeps crashing with Google Play services has stopped every 10 seconds (If you press OK).
If I use the Android Market I get an Attention error . A server error has occurred. Retry or cancel and return to previous screen.

The device is rooted but struggling to work out if its supposed to work on this series of Fire or on this OS. Any ideas?


Nov 26, 2014
I had it working properly a couple of months ago but removed it since it was killing my battery in like 6-8 hours. Has anyone that has got it working had battery issues?

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    (Root Users Only)
    We All Know The Amazon Appstore Has A Huge Selection When It Comes To Music, Movies, And Books, The Same Cannot Be Said For Apps.
    Despite The Fact That The Kindle Fire HD Is An Android Based Tablet It Doesn’t Officially Have Access To The Google Play Store.
    We Also Know We Can Sideload Apps But It’s Much Nicer To Have The Google Play Store App On Your Kindle Fire HD.

    I'll Show You How To Install And Setup The Latest Version Of The Google Play Store.

    Just Follow This Easy Step By Step Instructions

    Step By Step Instructions:

    - Step 1: First Download All Of The Following Files:
    View attachment 2118880
    View attachment 2118885
    View attachment 2118892
    View attachment 2118913
    View attachment 2118914
    View attachment Vending.apk
    View attachment 2118924 - If You Don't Have Any File Explorer You Can Download One From The Amazon Appstore (I Reccommend Using ES File Explorer, It's The Better One).

    - Step 2: Then Transfer All Of Them To The Kindle Fire HD.

    - Step 3: Go To ES File Explorer, Go Into 'Tools' >'Root Explorer' >'Mount R/W' And Set Both To 'RW'.
    Screenshot_2013-07-15-14-34-44.jpg Screenshot_2013-07-15-14-34-55.jpg Screenshot_2013-07-15-14-35-09.jpg

    - Step 4: Now You Can Just Install (In That Order):
    View attachment 2118880
    View attachment 2118914
    View attachment 2118885
    View attachment 2118892
    Or You Can Copy Those Files To system/app Folder (Without The Google Play Services App, Intall That One).
    Screenshot_2013-07-15-15-53-29.jpg Screenshot_2013-07-15-15-53-33.jpg

    - Step 5: Reboot Your Device.

    - Step 6: Now Copy The View attachment Vending.apk To system/app Folder (Copy It). Then Tap The Vending.apk And Replace It.
    Screenshot_2013-07-15-15-53-29.jpg Screenshot_2013-07-15-15-53-33.jpg

    - Step 7: Reboot Your Device Once Again.

    - Step 8: At This Point You Can See The 'Android Market' App In The 'Apps Drawer'. Now You Can Just Open The App And Set Your Account, Or Update To Google Play Store.

    - Step 9: Updating To Google Play Store. Search For View attachment 2118913 You Downloaded, Tap To Install And Replace It.

    - Step 10: Reboot Your Device.

    You're Done!

    Now You Can Enjoy Those Apps, Music, Movies, And Books From The Google Play Store. Your 7" Kindle Fire HD Just Got Better.
    Enjoy And Be Sure To Let Me know If You Have Any Issues Or Questions.
    Maybe I missed it... but what about the "Account And Sync Settings-2.3.4.apk" file? You never say when to install it.

    tried that
    like I said
    the market works just fine, it's only when I update to the play store that it breaks
    thanks for the suggestion
    With all due respect to the OP, there is already a working tutorial for getting the Play Store installed. It is very specific and has to be done a certain way in order to guarantee your success.


    The manual method from that thread is what the RootPlus script to install the Play Store is based on and works ~99% of the time for all 2nd generation devices.
    Deleted member 4707892
    Worked for me.

    Instructions worked perfectly for me. Good job.

    Thanks :good:
    Does adding the Google Play store using this method require the Kindle Fire to be rooted?

    It says [ROOT] right in the title of the post. (Typed exactly the same as the post title.)

    Sent From My Kindle Fire HD Running CyanogenMod 10.1