[ROOT][IOroot] LG G3 4.4.2 Jailbreak [D850|D855|F400|VS985][Yahooo!]

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Dec 28, 2011
Does this or does this not work on Verizon 12B? At the top it says "10B. Blocked on 10C and up.", but in the changelog it says added support for Verizon 12B.



Feb 9, 2011
Chicago, IL
Curious about ^^^ this as well. I didn't think the update was all that big to be honest and I did it right when I bought it a month ago. Would really like to root and do fun things with this awesome phone.
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Feb 3, 2011
I'm hoping the phone I got off of Ebay can be rooted (VS985) won't know till I get it. Has anyone had any luck rooting 12B yet?


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Dec 22, 2009
Hillsboro, Oregon
Well, I guess no developer is going to touch this phone... So why keep asking for a root?

Forget it, this is not worth my time to look around here or any other tool for the LG G3 Vigor if I do not have an LG G3...


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May 8, 2009
Pau ( France )
Thank buddy! Need to do that too for my Hong Kong version G3.

hy guys, can someone help me... this is my first root on LG

i have enabled USB debugging on phone, and i started .bat file but nothing happens, when i try in DOS with:

adb reboot recovery

its says that device is not found...

and i dont understand what means accept RSA fingerprint(for ADB).

"I had the same problem and this solution worked for me too :
Thanks for the great work!
adb devices didn't list the G3 in MTP USB mode and hence no RSA key acceptance popped up. I had to switch the USB mode to PTP. Please add this hint to the guide, would have saved me half an hour... thanks!"
Oct 12, 2014
Confirmed working on Canadian D852 4.4.2. Probably the easiest root I've done since the Galaxy S2.

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Well, I guess no developer is going to touch this phone... So why keep asking for a root?

Forget it, this is not worth my time to look around here or any other tool for the LG G3 Vigor if I do not have an LG G3...

With reduced popularity comes reduced demand. It's always possible a dev will work on one in the future, especially since the G3 series is current-gen. However, being a less popular device it will take time.

It should also be stated that the G3 and G3 Vigor, despite their similarities, should be treated as completely different devices (because they are). This means that nothing for the G3 should be expected to work on the Vigor.


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Jan 23, 2011
No matching phone found.


Software version = V20h-EUR-XX

PurpleDrake-Lite, and towelroot have failed too.

EDIT: I managed to do it with One Click.
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    ioroot latest update jun172014

    ioroot is an untethered jailbreak for LG android phones and tablets.
    Gain full administrator access to your device to run cool themes and neat apps that require root.

    G3 models supported by IOroot jailbreak:

    D850 - 10D. Blocked on 10F and up.
    D851 - Nope. Check out Purp13Dr4k3 HERE
    D852 - ???
    D855 - 10A/B/C/D (for E and higher try Purp13Dr4k3 HERE.
    F400K/L/S - 4.4.2 10A/10B. Blocked 10C+.. use Purp13Dr4k3 HERE.
    LS990 - ZV2/ZV3. Blocked on ZV4 and up. ZV4 needs StumpRoot HERE.
    US990 - Z04. Blocked on 10B/C and up.
    VS985 - 10B. Blocked on 10C and up.

    To see a list of all IOroot supported devices click the button below...

    LG Optimus G - All

    LG G2:
    D800 (ATT) - All
    D801 (TMO) - All 4.2.2 // No 4.4.2 support, (CLR/VTR) - All 4.2.2 // 4.4.2 ??), (WND) - All
    D802/T - All
    D803 - All
    D805 - All
    D806 - All
    F320K - Shipping 4.2.2 ROM/20a/20f // 4.4.2 ??
    F320L - Shipping 4.2.2 ROM/20b/20e // 4.4.2 ??
    F320S - Shipping 4.2.2 ROM/20a/20g // 4.4.2 ??
    LS980 (SPR) - All
    VS980 (VZW) - All

    LG G3
    D850 - 4.4.2 10D
    D855 - 4.4.2 10A/10B/10C
    F400K - 4.4.2 10B
    F400L - 4.4.2 10A
    F400S - 4.4.2 10B
    LS990 - 4.4.2 ZV2
    VS985 - 4.4.2 10B

    LG G Flex:
    F340 series - All 4.2.2 // 4.4.2 ??
    D950 (ATT) - All 4.2.2 // No 4.4.2 support
    D955 series - All 4.2.2
    D958 series - All 4.2.2 // No 4.4.2 support
    D959 (TMO) - All 4.2.2 // No 4.4.2 support
    LS995 (SPR) - All

    LG G Pro - All 4.4.2

    LG G Pro 2:
    F350 series - Shipping ROM // 4.4.2 ??
    D838 - Shipping ROM // 4.4.2 ??

    LG G Pad 8.3 - All

    [B][SIZE="2"]Windows Drivers:[/SIZE][/B]
    [I]Verizon Drivers - [URL="http://tool.xcdn.gdms.lge.com/dn/downloader.dev?fileKey=UW00520120427"]HERE[/URL]
    Drivers for everyone else - [URL="http://tool.xcdn.gdms.lge.com/dn/downloader.dev?fileKey=UW00120120425"]HERE[/URL]
    For ADB...
    Verizon users: Switch USB mode to Internet > Ethernet
    Everyone else try switching to PTP[/I]

    [SIZE="2"][FONT="Arial Narrow"][B]v25r1: Script fixes: Proper D802T support, LGOG EFS backup typo, better 4.4.2 detection.
    v25: added root for most 4.4.2 devices. Thx to [user=4454918]@jarari2[/user] for the stock recovery idea. 
    v24: added support for G2 D800 10q, G Flex D956 and G Pro 2 F350K/L/S(thx to [user=581992]@hkfriends[/user] for confirming ioroot method still works)
    v23: added support for AT&T G Flex D950 10c.
    v22: added support for TMO D959 G Flex. Tweaked scripts EFS backup.
    v21: added support for Sprint LS980ZVA update. Added EFS backup support. 
    v20: added support for all D802/D805/D806. Updated all scripts. Added LG Optimus G and LG G Flex support. SuperSu now installs to /system. 
    v19: added support for MORE F320 4.4 firmware. Added Singtel D802 support. Linux/Mac script fixes.
    v18: added support for MORE F320 4.4 firmware. Added Vodafone(VDF) carrier. Tweaked scripts.
    v17: added F320* 4.4 KitKat root. Added SuperSu.4.4 users must reboot after running root script(mac/linux)
    v16: added TMO 10g root and "SCA" root(D802/D805)
    v15: added ATT 10o root. 
    v12: added Verizon 12B root.
    v11: added [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=47317792&postcount=497"]linux support and Sprint LS980 root[/URL](both thanks to [user=2413393]@Shelnutt2[/user])[/B][/FONT][/SIZE]

    Now accepting donations to get my own LG G3 ;)


    Easy as 1-2-3!

    1 Run ioroot.bat, ioroot.sh, ioroot.tool or open command prompt/terminal, cd into /ioroot/bts/ and type;
    adb reboot recovery

    If you DO NOT have this menu in stock recovery IOroot will not work for you!

    2 Select "Apply update from ADB" w/power button. Sideload mode is now enabled.

    3 Continue with the script or manually sideload;
    adb sideload datroot.zip

    Extended info and FAQ below...

    Download and extract the latest ioroot.zip... datroot.zip is inside /ioroot/bts/
    ioroot also jailbreaks other LG devices. Supported devices are found in the device list in this thread.
    Enable "USB Debugging" on phone. Accept RSA certificate to allow ADB access. Not accepting RSA will cause ADB device to show as "offline"
    Verizon users must also enable "Ethernet" for USB mode.

    Install drivers.
    Double-click on ioroot.bat

    Open terminal and cd into ioroot folder
    chmod +x ioroot.sh

    Double-click the ioroot.tool file to launch script.
    May need to chmod +x ioroot.tool file first.

    Q: Will this jailbreak other LG devices?
    A: It will jailbreak any LG device which can be booted into stock recovery with menu. Confirmed devices are found in the device list in this thread.

    Q: Why do I see an android with a red x or just reboot when I try to get into recovery?
    A: Your device has a lame recovery and may have issues jailbreaking w/current IOroot 4.4.2. Use a cooler device or send me a LG G3 so I can work on a real phone.

    Q: Will this root non-LG devices?
    A: Probably not.

    Q: The script doesn't work for me, can you help?
    A: No, use terminal to manually enter the commands or ask for help in the thread.

    Q: I can't get 'adb devices' to see me phone, can you help?
    A: learn2android

    Q: Know any hip places to hang out and talk with other nice people about the LG G3?
    A: Check us out on IRC: #lg-g3 on Freenode

    Q: Which LG G3 do you have?
    A: I don't have one yet... you should send me one.

    EFS Backup:

    [FONT="Arial Narrow"][B]Backup EFS after jailbreaking your G3. EFS is split into 2 partitions modemst1 and modemst2. 
    Save the .img files somewhere in case you need them in the future(email, cloud, etc..).[/B]
    adb shell
    dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/modemst1 of=/sdcard/modemst1.img
    dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/modemst2 of=/sdcard/modemst2.img
    adb shell
    dd if=/sdcard/modemst1.img of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/modemst1
    dd if=/sdcard/modemst2.img of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/modemst2[/FONT]

    [B][FONT="Arial Narrow"][B][SIZE="4"]About IOroot[/SIZE][/B]
    IOroot was originally a Windows script to root the LG G2 on 4.2.2 [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2448887"]made by IOMonster[/URL].
    It was based on the original adb backdoor found by GiantPune and later [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2169117"]posted by jcase[/URL].
    The script has grown to support various other LG devices on Android 4.0 - 4.4.2... 
    Supported devices include LG Optimus G, G2, G3, G Pro, G Pro 2, G Flex and G Pad just to name a few.
    4.4.2 recovery root [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=51507049#post51507049"](kk_root.zip)[/URL] by autoprime. [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=48709232"]IOroot 12 +[/URL] by autoprime.[/FONT][/B]
    y u no hit thanks button?​
    guys.. my comment about sprint root was a joke to see how much interest there was in the root and see what kinda reactions there'd be.

    BUT.. some of the guys working on this need g3 devices... for root.. for unlock... for future exploits down the road...

    root for any unrooted G3's will come.. I can promise that. But.. it will most likely not be an update to ioroot specifically.. and I may not be the one to post...
    the couple users who did donate for a future Sprint G3 root.. I will be refunding. But I do thank you for your enthusiasm. hold onto it and use it when root IS posted to ensure the G3 continues to see great work(moar r00t? moar unlox? moar hax? r0mz.. zzz). there is a great group of ppl poking at this.. but as i mentioned.. we all dont have G3's.. and some will have to buy out of pocket.. just for the sake of hacking and contributing to community. I think I've slept a total of 8 hrs the past 3 days(not complaining!).. trust me.. this is being looked at and worked on.

    keep your eyes on our twitters... @ tylerfixer (iomonster/thecubed/insertnamehere) .. @ teamandirc (jcase) .. i dont think shelnutt2 or beaups use twitter.. and me @ utoprime

    keep the assumptions to a minimum.. and please be patient(no not "months" patient)..

    and who knows.. maybe someone new will step up and surprise us all. :)
    tmo g3 root coming later tonight.

    sprint g3 root coming.. later.

    neither will be part of the ioroot name.

    i'm sorry. my bad for false hype. tmw(fri) is the day.
    Sir, thank you for work. Any chance to modify this script to root G3 international version?

    4.4.2 method should work for any G3 that can be booted into stock recovery. "adb reboot recovery" should take you to a stock recovery screen with a menu. If you get an Android figure with an error this 4.4.2 root will not work for you.

    Anyone with a G3 that is not a F400 please test IOroot25r1 on your phone and report if you can get into the stock recovery menu and if you can root your phone!
    LS990 is Sprint's G3, VS985 is Verizon's G3, D850 is AT&T's G3, D851 is T-Mobile's G3, D852 is Canada's G3, and D855 is International.
    I hate asking for ETA's because then there is a chance it won't be met. Its after 10pm my time so my day is over. Will check back tomorrow but certain won't be available.

    Sent from my LG-D851 using XDA Free mobile app

    asking for ETA's is completely out of the question considering no one is paying these guys to do jack ....

    It will release when it releases!!!!!!!!11 Until then I high suggest those with ants in their pants and no restraints on their mouth/fingers chill out and wait quietly and patiently!!!

    Badgering devs about releasing things tend to piss them off and feel unappreciated for the time they spend on this stuff. ;)