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Aug 17, 2015
Kingroot worked fine on my new and old shield ... Maybe one or two excessive reboots ... But in the end is the best way to root our shield guys

Inviato dal mio SHIELD Tablet utilizzando Tapatalk


Sep 6, 2015
I wanted to use it on my old tablet, but some guys reported the tablet got screwed and doest turn on. But I wanted to use it without internet connection as if I turn my old tablet on it will be kaput with the update that brokes it.

Anyway I used it in my Wiko bloom, but the kingroot sucks, I will have to uninstall it and replace it by superSU. This is because instead of getting better, the phone now wastes lot more battery than before rooting.

I have all apps OFF by greenify + DU battery and all apps to not launch on startup, but even though nothing is running and most system apps are even deactivated\uninstalled it is sucking more battery than before.


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Nov 20, 2015
KingRoot is not malicious? I had read somewhere some time ago that it is infected... But could not find any exact info. Anyone diggged into this?

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    I just wanted to share with you that i just successfully rooted my shield with Kingroot

    It is just install apk, touch root and wait.

    It rebooted my tlet thefirst try,but worked the second one! No wipe, no flash, no data loss :)

    It worked with my galaxy mini s5 too...
    Yes, OTA 3.0 rooted using kingroot, y just installed it to try and viola.
    Worked for me too.

    First three times the operation was unsucessful and the tablet rebooted itself, but then I remember to activate USB depuration and that was it! Rooted at Last.
    Anyone have a link to the APK?
    Confirmed on ota 3
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