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Root Magisk Pie For Unlocked Devices MR0 and MR1

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Aug 26, 2010
Solved ,,, i used a normal USB cable type C to Usb PC
Using the Fast charging cable didn't help + downgrade to Oreo

Happy Yah :)
Yeah, that's one of those things that's usually mentioned in more user-friendly OP's. Never use the cable included with the phone for doing anything important like this. If I recall correctly, even Razer themselves says not to use it for unlocking the bootloader or side-loading anything.


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Mar 17, 2019
can someone help me ? I have done bootloader installed magisk everything is fine root access I have. But dolby atmos is not working I dont have any sound at all means nobody can hear me wthrough calling, cant lsiten any music. Even yooutube is not working I cannot watch an yvideo please help me

So I came back to original firmware I even had ota update. so Its fine. But I still would like to root that phone with any problems like working dolby atmos and everything. Can someone help me which image should I download when I flash that image which commands should I put the one with a or b ? or both of them ?
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Jul 11, 2014
so i ran magisk ptched the boot.img then ran the flash_all script from razer site and it installed, but when i check rootchecker it doesnt show i have root.


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Jul 11, 2014
You need to type boot.img after boot_a and boot_b

ok thats on me.

Yes tried boot_a and boot_b with the image name.

i currently have stock mr1 rom with magisk patch applied and installed with razer flash_all script.

I was under the presumption this was suppose to root my phone. When i ran rootchecker it shows its got no root.

Ps...do you think the razer phone 1 lineage os would work on razer phone 2? Hopeful, loved that OS. It just worked.

Also. i tried flashing twrp but it just hung at powered by android logo...

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    Root by Magisk

    Click Here For MR0

    Click Here For MR1

    fastboot flash boot_a boot.img

    fastboot flash boot_b boot.img

    fastboot reboot

    If you get this error

    Your device is corrupt. It can’t be trusted and may not work properly.

    Use a terminal app or use computer and type this.


    reboot "dm-verity enforcing"

    MR0 rooted to MR1 failed to install workaround
    If you're already on rooted MR0 and OTA installation failed for the MR1 Update.

    You must boot into fastboot mode and flash MR0 stock boot.img , vendor.img , system.img then check for update follow instructions below.


    fastboot flash boot_a boot.img

    fastboot flash boot_b boot.img

    fastboot flash vendor_a vendor.img

    fastboot flash vendor_b vendor.img

    fastboot flash system_a system.img

    fastboot flash system_b system.img

    fastboot reboot
    Man, you ain't kidding! It literally takes me about a full day to get my phone set back up the way I like it, and I dread resetting the phone & wiping everything out because of that!

    Is there no way of using fastboot to like "dirty flash" the update and not lose all my data/settings, or do I not understand that applying a system update like this just automatically means your data will be wiped?

    I got the OTA update to work by flashing MR0 stock boot.img vendor.img and system.img both in slot A/B
    So, this will keep all our settings and such? No need to relock bootloader and factory reset? We'll only have to configure Magisk and modules again?

    Do you working now with diff ? so how i understand diff means that we need merge RP2 with RP0 boot.img ?
    Ok, so the OTA packages work like this:
    The package has some metadata and a number of "payloads"(concatenated in a single file)
    There is one sub-payload per partition in a firmware slot(A or B)
    The metadata specifies the checksums, sizes etc of each payload, along with a patch method
    The patch method tells the update engine how it should go about patching the matching partition with the payload.
    Most of the time this patch method will be a bdiff(binary diff).
    When its bdiff, the payload is not a full image, hence the previous image is required. This previous image can be extracted from a factory image, and the diff combined with it to form a flat image which you can flash directly (and patch with magisk)
    SOMETIMES (like with a major upgrade where a diff will likely be larger than a image) the patch method is image, where the payload is a flat disk image of the partition which is simply written to the partition.

    The Pie update evidently contained a flat boot image. So in this case, you DO NOT need to merge the images. But with with subsequent smaller updates, we likely will need to do that.