[ROOT] [MAGISK] (Without Recovery) Root your device with MAGISK Without Recovery

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May 8, 2013
Any idea if this would work on a Chromebook? I'm rooted on my Chromebook, but need some of the modules from magisk/Xposed.


New member
Jul 8, 2019
hey thats kind of neat.

Nice. Essentially, your method sounds like that of Magisk but done manually . Question : Does root persist ? Can you, for example, install busybox binary, reboot, open terminal and run busybox? what triggers the manager to create a the modified boot.img ? could you create 1 just prior to reboot? then what ? if u got root still problem solved but if its the original img. start the process over lol ? wait .....temp root with magisk then flash SuperSu for perminent root, wouldnt pass safetynet but you wouldnt have to flash the img every boot ? im fascinated.....w/o magisk to automate process its hard to see it being useful in terms of systemless root that persist but it might be used as a means to attain ole school root. i think u could use flashfire for the process . if the devices doesnt power cycle it should keep root, flashfire boots to the bootloader which would still be the modded img if it isnt allowed to go the secondary program loader (idk but im working under the theory that the bl, doesnt reload the img on said partition from hotboot)

Jason Zhang

May 18, 2016
But one of my devices can't unlock the bootloader. So I can't use the method what you wrote. Would you tell me how I can root my vivo device. Special Thanks!( I have used nearly ways include xda's. But all failure. They can't unlock the vivo's bootloader and can't be root.)


Senior Member
Jun 14, 2011
Can confirm this method doesn't work on a Blackview BV6100 (2019 model), neither does OEM unlock via settings. However OEM unlock works via adb fastboot.
Dec 13, 2019
Flash the patched_boot.img.tar file

Where should I put the patched_boot.img.tar file in odin to flash it to Samsung galaxy j7 nxt SM-J701F , android version 9.0 One UI version 1.1 , Should I put it into AP,BL,CP or CSC ?. Please help me . Badly stuck here .
Thanks in advance


Senior Member
Jun 19, 2007
hello, I wanted to know if the guuda is fine for the 7T Pro McLaren edition, in case of brick can you install a stock rom? Thank you. Current Roma: 1.0.5


Aug 12, 2017
tried this method on my g7 play (RETCA)

got the magisk_patched.img and applied it with fastboot command, but after reboot, just got random digits and letters (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) and it hung on this screen where it used to say "bad key" (which means the bootloader is unlocked)

had to hold down vol down and power to get back to fastboot menu and then restore from stock ROM in fastboot

has anyone else seen this?


Senior Member
Jan 31, 2018

Can i then install a custom recovery using adb? Will stock system still replace it with stock recovery?

Thank You
God Bless


Senior Member
Jun 14, 2011
Can confirm this method doesn't work on a Blackview BV6100 (2019 model), neither does OEM unlock via settings. However OEM unlock works via adb fastboot.

Found this on 4pda.ru, but haven't figured it out yet.

Because magiskboot incorrectly unpacks a kernel of this type (it can’t, probably :)) and cannot replace skip_initramfs (skip) with want_initramfs.

Procedure *****
1) Install the magic manager on the device.
2) Patch the boot.img image (from the stock firmware)
3) Unpack the patched image, open the kernel in the HEX editor.
4) Look for the value "736B69705F696E697472616D6673" and replace it with "77616E745F696E697472616D6673"
5) Save the change and pack the image.
6) We flash the image into the body in the BOOT section. We are happy with the root.

Would appreciate some advice/help on this.

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    Hello Everyone,
    This is my first tutorial here.
    So, any mistakes should be reminded in the thread.

    Guide for rooting with MAGISK

    This guide is for those devices for which currently there is no custom recovery available. So, don't be sad instead have MAGISK Root for your device and and sleep well.:angel:



    1 - An Android 5.0+ device
    2 - PC with working ADB
    3 - Stock boot image (boot.img) of your device
    4 - Magisk Manager app
    5 - A good file browser like Mixplorer, Solid explorer etc..
    6 - Active Internet connection
    7 - Active mind and patience.


    Step 1: Patching the stock boot.img

    - Install MagiskManager apk on your android device
    - Copy the stock boot.img of your device to your phone's internal storage or SD card
    - Launch Magisk Manager app
    - If prompted to install Magisk, select NO THANKS
    - If you are using a samsung device and wish to flash using Odin, then select Options > Settings > Update Settings > Patched Boot Output Format > img.tar )
    - Select Install > Install > Patch Boot Image File >
    Navigate to the location of the stock boot.img you copied earlier on, then Select it
    -Magisk Manager should begin downloading the magisk zip file used for patching
    -Once download is complete, MagiskManager will automatically patch the boot file and store it under SDcard/MagiskManager/patched_boot.img[.tar]

    Step 2: Flashing the patched boot.img

    You have a variety of options to flash the patched boot.img depending on your chipset (e.g Mediatek MTK, Spreadtrum SPD, Qualcomm QLM etc ), the resources you have and your skills. Note that some flashing methods might require you to rename the file to boot.img
    - For those using MTK devices and have the specific scatter file for their device, you can flash the patched boot.img using SP flash tool or Miracle Box
    -For those using SPD devices and have the PAC file for their device, you can flash the patched boot.img using Research download tool by replacing the stock boot.img with your patched boot.img
    - For those using Samsung devices and then use ODIN to flash.
    -You could also use Fastboot to flash the patched_boot.img or boot.img (if you've renamed then the command must reflect the file name) as outlined below

    How to Flash patched_boot.img using Fastboot

    -Setup adb and fastboot on your PC.
    -Unlock the phone's Bootloader (if its not unlocked)
    -Re-enable USB debugging on the phone
    -Connect the phone to the PC via USB cord
    -Boot into fastboot mode.
    -Flash the patched_boot and reboot by typing in the commands below into adb CMD prompt window and hitting Enter after each line -

    fastboot devices
    fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img
    fastboot reboot

    -Verify root using Root Checker

    Credits goes to topjohnwu of XDA for Magisk
    Also to X3non of Hovatek for original guide.
    Does the bootloader need to be unlocked still? I have a S6 Active (sm-g890a) that I would love to root with this method but I haven't wanted to try anything in fear of bricking. Sorry for the newb question but I'm a noob.

    Sent from my SM-G900V using XDA Labs

    Hi, the best way is to flash a custom recovery beforehand. But if you can't find you can go for this method but bootloader must be UNLOCKED. And also if anything goes wrong even if the bootloader is UNLOCKED , the phone will only be soft brick not hard brick. But the best thing will be a custom recovery method.
    A7 2017 (Android 8)

    So i have an a7 2017 with android oreo or know as 8.0.0. So i want to flash the patched boot image with odin. How do i do that? Like i understand you need oem unlocked but where do you flash it specifically in odin?
    Use ADB and the push command.. Be careful what you type.. This thing is a ***** to get the first time.. I wish you good luck

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    Remember one other thing.. Sammy can not use Fastboot.. It's not that it's bad.. But it just won't in most cases.. Try CROM first to unlock the bootloader
    I'm having trouble to get my boot.img (miwang m2s, msm8909, android 7.1.2).
    No any support from the phone seller, how can I obtain boot.img from my phone?