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Root method for Oxygen OS 11.0.1.BE83BA with Magisk

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Oct 10, 2021
Notice this will VOID YOUR WARRANTY.
I am not to blame for BRICKED DEVICE.
Do this at YOUR OWN RISK.

Things you need :

1: OnePlus Nord N100 - Oxygen OS 11.0.1.BE83BA

2: Computer with Adb and Fastboot Installed - check google for adb and fastboot

3: Unlocked Bootloader - https://source.android.com/devices/bootloader/locking_unlocking

4: Adb Enabled in developer options aka USB debugging

5: The Boot.img - below or https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8lsyand2crhynkj/AAAFv59qpPDpvaSUFzSHgavLa?dl=0

6: Magisk.apk - https://magiskmanager.com/

Guide :

Step 1: Patch Boot.img with Magisk

Open the magisk app and select Install>Select And Patch a File>Boot.img>Let's go
And then wait for :

Output file is written to
- All done!

Press the arrow at the top and close Magisk for now

Step 2: Connect to the Computer with adb and fastboot installed

On Phone :

Allow the computer to browse files

On Computer :

Go in the file explorer to your phones downloads( This Computer\BE2013\Internal shared storage\Download ) folder and find the magisk...img

Copy the magisk...img to your desktop or any other folder if you can find it in Command Prompt(Windows)

Then Open Command Prompt(Windows)/Terminal(Linux)

Cd to your work folder(Desktop) or the "any other folder"
cd Desktop(Windows)

Step 3: Boot the device into bootloader

Do a check if the device is connected with:
adb devices

On phone :

Allow USB debugging

If nothing shows up on the phone or it says the phone is unauthorized reconnect the phone and try again.

On Computer :

Next we reboot the phone to bootloader with :
adb reboot bootloader
The phone will restart and you shall see a big START

Step 4: The Final Step Test & Install Root

Testing if everything works as expected eg Wifi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, Other stuff because these things broke for me once because I used the wrong version of boot.img.
Id still test them.

On Computer :

fastboot devices

If there is the same device as in Step 3 adb devices command all should be working expected.

Optional :

fastboot boot magisk...img Tip Use TAB to autocomplete in Command Prompt(Windows)

Next up test if all of the wireless stuff is working eg Wifi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, Other stuff

You can also open magisk to see if the device is Rooted.

Going back to bootloader is important for the next sub step("Flashing").
adb reboot bootloader

Flashing :

Did you boot the magisk...img?
If yes did everything work?
If not do not do this part!

fastboot flash boot magisk...img
fastboot reboot

Sorry for any typing mistakes if there is any.
If you have any questions ill be slow to respond if I even respond.
Sincerely Maxi


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Jan 23, 2008
Where did you get this boot image?
I am getting the same behavior I get when trying to patch the global boot image - will not boot this TM model phone.


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Oct 10, 2021
Where did you get this boot image?
I am getting the same behavior I get when trying to patch the global boot image - will not boot this TM model phone.
I extracted the boot image from OTA update.
What do you mean with TM model phone? This is for the BE83BA.
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