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Dec 11, 2010
I couldn't do a direct install(magisk manager force close), I try to install on unused slot and reboot... now phone is bricked.

phone is LE2111 I use patched boot of DA12.c60 of the that post

PS: I have to restart into bootloader, then fastboot --set-active=a and reboot, then direct install works, reboot, and now its rooter. Thanks
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    You guys didn't look very hard.

    Thread '[OOS & Custom ROMs] OnePlus 9 stock/patched boot images'

    C.60 is in the first post.
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    This is for Europe ( If you are on Global, EU version works, but up to you. It appears for last year, unless you are from India, OnePlus doesn't care. It might be a while before a Full OTA update for Global is released, you'll notice updates come without it for Global or on their Global support site, the firmware is outdated.
    - On T-Mobile have full 5G. I don't know about AT&T and Verizon. Should be same.

    If you are on Global and you just received your phone. Do all the updates from the incremental through device. If you want root, you can flash with the EU patched boot.img and everything will work as normal
    **** but once you do this, you will need to wait for Global full OTA to update next time, unless you managed to have a backup copy of the unpatched boot.img

    Do the usual to unlock your OnePlus 9: oem unlock, usb debugging from developer. Boot into bootloader and use adb command /fastboot flashing unlock

    This will wipe your phone and reboot. Setup your phone

    Install Magisk from his official github:
    - Topjohn provides full instructions on how to do this yourself as well.

    Reboot into bootloader

    Flash boot the magisk modified boot.img. /fastboost flash boot boot.img

    Go into Magisk app and install via direct install and all done.

    Return to stock
    - Restore boot.img from Magisk
    - Uninstall Magisk
    - Flash the stock boot.img
    - Relock the bootloader, will wipe and return to factory reset.

    Stock 11.2.33 Boot.img
    Magisk Patched 11.2.33 boot.img

    Patched Boot.img for Europe (
    Stock Boot.img for Europe (

    Future Full OTA Updates
    - Update as usual
    - Go into Magisk and choose direct install and then install to inactive slot after OTA
    - This will retain root

    How to do it yourself:

    Download full OTA, usually Oxygen Updater App, XDA has links or from

    Download Payload Dumper

    Extract and place payload.bin in input folder

    Run the payload_dumper.exe

    In the output folder will be boot.img, move that onto your phone, folder of your choice

    Go to Magisk app, click install
    Choose Select and Patch a File
    Choose the file and it will patch it, Magisk will say where the file is located.
    That is your patched boot.img file. Use that to flash / root your phone.

    Remember only have do this once, you don't have to do this again with subsequent updates.
    4 is out!

    Here's what I did to get the partial OTA
    --always back up your critical data--
    0. Download Magisk-patched boot.img and SDK tools
    1. Uninstall Magisk (restore backup)
    2. Reboot
    3. Settings>System>Check for update> Download and install>Reboot
    4. Verify installation (Settings >About phone)
    5. Reboot to bootloader
    6. Hookup phone to desktop, navigate to the directory with patched boot.img
    7. "Fastboot devices" to ensure connection
    8. "Fastboot boot boot11244magisk.img"
    9. Once the OP9 started rebooting, I pulled out the USB and let it finish booting up
    10. Launch Magisk, tap Install, and then select Direct Installation. Reboot!

    Here's the Magisk-patched 11244AA boot.img:
    I uploaded images here
    This method worked for me, though I'm now running the same issue as Slikkster2k, since I don't have an unpatched boot.img, I can't uninstall magisk to update via OTA.

    I would suggest, for those wanting to be able to update in the future (until we get a custom recovery), that instead of /fastboot flash boot boot.img, use /fastboot boot boot.img and then let Magisk finish the install. When Magisk patches the boot image, it will take a backup of the stock one to be used for uninstallation.
    I'm on Europe version and I just made an img for use with this guide if you want to save yourselves the trouble of making one: