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[ROOT ONLY] AA AIO TWEAKER - The ultimate Android Auto Utility

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May 31, 2012
Samsung Note 20 Android 10 Doesn't work. I have tried un-patch and re-patch. Still nothing.


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Apr 6, 2018
Always reports 'Google account was not found....' and any patch does not work. Google play account is correct, was set when the phone was used first time and was not changed. Android 11, root with Magisk 23, Xiaomi MI11 Lite 5G.
Hi everybody, sorry for my bad english,
I have the same error, i tried to uninstall/install, clear data etc.... but it still doesn't work.
Xiaomi mi 10 12.5.6 android 11
Root with magisk.
Anyone can help?

Thank you so much.


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Jul 23, 2007
i still have this issue with fermata 1.8.8. i know AAAD works, but i miss the opportunity and need to wait next month. can AIO tweaker be updated?


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Oct 10, 2016
Hello, thanks for the great app

1) Successfully patched and enabled Screen2Audio for AA - thanks

2) I tried Disable navigation at start.
I patched and rebooted, but Maps nevertheless still start with AA (however, when I close them on AA they don't remeain running in background on the phone upon disconnection from AA - partial success)
Log: https://pastebin.com/WF26tk9X

3) I tried to patch couple of other apps like Bluemail.
Patched, rebooted, but not showing on infotainment when AA connected.
Log: https://pastebin.com/U597k0CU

Is there any way to read from the Tweaker logs that app is not compatible or something, or to find about AA compatibility in the app manifest?

Android 11, MIUI 12.5
Android Auto 7.0
Unknown sources in Developer options for AA enabled

Skoda Octavia 2017, Bolero infotainment

Thanks and sorry if some questions are repeated. I tried to read all 19 pages but didn't find (except instructions for the log, discussion that apps must be compatible)

Is there any way to force dosconnecting Bluetooth when disconnecting AA?
I set to automatically turn BT on when connecting to AA, it does, but BT remains enabled and I have to switch it off when walking away from the car

Sorry for off-topic


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Dec 4, 2021
Same problem here.
Screen2auto not available anymore on the AA apps launcher, since today.
AA 7.0.614134-release.
Is there any fix yet ?
Thanks in advance.


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Sep 19, 2011
New Zealand
I managed to get it installed and visible in android auto wireless but when you open the app it just says: there are no new messages


Dec 4, 2021
Temporary fix is to delete data/clear cache & patch again with AAPP.
Worked just before the road trip, but S2A was missing for next trip.
Works again after same trick.


Dec 4, 2021
did you try to disable Debug USB option on Developer settings in android?
No, but not sure how this could impact the situation here.
S2A disappears from the apps available in AA, even on the AA app on the phone (without any USB connection).
Disabled it to give it a try anyway.
Will keep you informed if any benefit.


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Apr 26, 2006
Nvidia Shield
Smart Watches
Try uninstalling Android Auto in the Play Store removing the updates. Then run it, letting it update.

I was running AA version 7.0.614134 and it the apps stopped appearing. I uninstalled AA and it updated back to 614134 and the apps reappeared. I did not have to re-patch.


Dec 4, 2021
Try uninstalling Android Auto in the Play Store removing the updates. Then run it, letting it update.

I was running AA version 7.0.614134 and it the apps stopped appearing. I uninstalled AA and it updated back to 614134 and the apps reappeared. I did not have to re-patch.
Actually, re-patch is indeed not necessary.
Delete data/clear cache or reinstall is sufficient for S2A to appear again, for a few minutes/hours.
But it will eventually disappear again and same process has to be repeated.


Apr 16, 2016
Hello everybody.
I had the problem then I deleted AppValidation__blocked_packages_by_installer in GooglePlayService phenotype.db and restart my phone.
Now I Can see and chose third party app in AA launcher.
Could anyone confirm the same than me ?
Hope this helps you.
good bye.

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    Meet AA AIO TWEAKER, the new Swiss Army Knife for a less restrictive and more feature-ful Android Auto!


    How do I use it?
    Allow root access, choose what you want, reboot, and then forget about it :)

    How does it work?

    This app uses SQLite commands to override some flags related to Android Auto into the Google Play Services.

    Google Play Services control a lot of features inside Android Auto. Some of them are core functionality of Android Auto, some of them are upcoming feature that are simply not yet released.

    What this app does is making some SQLite queries in order to alter some features of Android Auto. It contains the trick inside AA Phenotype Patcher to patch custom apps in order to work in AA (and the same script is contained) and with the same principle it unlocks some other things in Android Auto.

    Available commands (as of version 1.5):
    • Patch for custom Android Auto apps
    • Disable speed restrictions while driving (preview of messages will be shown always)
    • Disable six tap limit (the banner asking to pay attention to road will not be shown anymore)
    • Enable Assistant Shortcuts (you can learn more here: https://www.xda-developers.com/andr...llpaper-and-tests-google-assistant-shortcuts/)
    • Enable assistant animation in navbar
    • Disable launch of Navigator app at start
    • Disable red outline on battery icon when Battery Saver is active
    • Enable force Widescreen (or force disable it)
    • Force statusbar to be black opaque
    • Disable battery saver warning
    • Enable MultiDisplay
    • Set notification duration from 0ms to 20 seconds
    • Set media notification duration (on the bar) to up to 15 minutes
    • (BETA) Disable Bluetooth auto connect

    Hopefully more to come :)

    How is this different from AA Phenotype Patcher?
    It just contains more features, the project is actually a fork of AA Phenotype Patcher, and share a lot of core functionality under the hood.

    Can I use this app instead of AA Phenotype Patcher?
    Yes you can, but if you have already patched apps with AA Phenotype Patcher, you can leave it like that and simply apply the other tweaks. This app won't check if the apps are already patched via AA Phenotype Patcher, so you won't have a green check status at the start.

    How is this different from Sensible Android Auto: Xposed?
    This app doesn't need Xposed, which in some cases is one more pain to have. Also, it should survive Android Auto updates (unless the flag are changed) without any user modification.

    Can I use this app instead of Sensible Android Auto: Xposed?
    Yes, you can. The functionaility is the same, the only "advantage" is not having to install Xposed to make it work. This app won't check if you have SAAX installed so you won't have a green check status at the start. If you are familiar with SAAX and you want to keep it, you may not want to disable speed limitation and six tap with this app.

    Can the app be translated in my language?
    Translations are open! If you feel like you may be able to translate the app in your language, join translations on Crowdin so that the app will be translated in your language, or simply wait for someone else that will translate the app.

    Source code


    @Jen94 for the original app whitelist hack
    SAAX by @agentdr8 who inspired me for some features of this app
    AA Phenotype Patcher by @Eselter

    New version of AA AIO TWEAKER (version 3.0) is live on GitHub and brings the following changes:

    • IMPROVED: the app will now have a better handling for finding Google accounts inside the Google Play Services database. This should fix the problems of tweaks not effectively applied
    • IMPROVED: many of the buttons texts have been re-vised to correctly report the activate/deactivate task that they will execute
    • IMPROVED: the most intense and time consuming tweaks will now display a loading bar that will prevent from a database corruption
    • NEW: the app will now proactively warn the user if no Google accounts were found in the device
    • NEW: music media tabs tweak! Get the new UI for music apps earlier!
    • FIXED: fixed a crash that used to happen while applying the patch for apps
    • IMPROVED: the status of the tweak will now be more realistic, switching to green status when the tweak is succesfully applied
    • IMPROVED: translations have been updated
    • IMPROVED: telemetry tweak has been revisited cleaning up some other analytics/tracing/logging by Google
    • IMPROVED: multi display tweak has been revisited allowing the new mode of cluster display with launcher

    If you wanna take part of translations in your native language, join translation project on Crowdin https://crowdin.com/project/aa-aio-tweaker

    Download from GitHub


    If you really like my work consider a donation via Paypal, even a small amount will be appreciated.

    I also accept cryptocurrencies:

    BTC (BitCoin) address: 39bdKem8taTZvm2WeyH8wwDhYKzZ2PzhGn
    ETH (Ethereum) address: 0x3D9e6862590622245875B5b202b53E14E8052FA8
    LTC (LiteCoin) address: MHff2pPF4YHafcFYEVG55yFbx3yGXDBh1T
    SNX address: 0xA25aFED131D856121b7a5821f215F7929D44f39d
    MKR address: 0xfeb551F1Eb00e803dBa99637d29FdA2aB669C552
    AAVE address: 0x2F7e7e731c9a9934b2Dc00104E1c47a7f0f61cDe
    CGLD (Celo gold) address: 0xfF7784185Fc4807Bc560afb78918690Af1dcd929
    BAND address: 0x2e445f1C65496E27BeBA9F726B708b771f722dC2
    Another version has been pushed with some bug fixes, download here: https://github.com/shmykelsa/AA-Tweaker/releases/tag/v3.0.1

    Earlier this week a big update has been released for AA AIO TWEAKER. Version 4.0 introduced the following changes:

    • NEW: Multi Account Mode! Since in the past few weeks it has been discovered that having too many Google Accounts stored in the device, if AA AIO TWEAKER finds a large number of accounts, it will now prompt the user to either choose which accounts the patch should be applied to or use all with an experimental way of applying the tweaks. This should successfully prevent the error "Could not open database".
    • NEW: Update checker! AA AIO TWEAKER will automatically check for updates at start and will prompt the user if a new version of AA AIO TWEAKER is available. Not applicable to older versions.
    • NEW: When copying logs a link will be created to a pastebin which will contain the log. Copying and pasting a very long text is not ideal and having them into pastebin is better for sharing them
    • NEW: Tweak for activating the new day/night toggle
    • NEW: Delete car tweak
    • IMPROVED: UI of splash screen
    • IMPROVED: AAStream will now be displayed on top of the apps list
    • IMPROVED: "Reboot to apply" button will not appear if tweak is not applied successfully
    • FIXED: Telemetry tweak inserting two identical rows
    • NEW: Every tweak that requires a seekbar interaction now has a button to bring back the seekbar to original value
    • FIXED: Potential bug with file management resulting in sqlite3 not properly copied to device
    • FIXED: Visual bug in showing the saved value of Agenda and Notification Duration tweaks
    • FIXED: Status indicator for alphabet jump tweak

    Version 4.0.1 is the latest and it has some bug fixes:

    • FIXED: copy of logs
    • FIXED: list of accounts in the account chooser activity
    • FIXED: potential crashes when showing the reboot button
    • FIXED: experimental mode of multi account will now be applied to day/night switch tweak too
    • IMPROVED: patching mechanism has been revisited further more, hopefully narrowing down database access errors
    • IMPROVED: Welcome screen is now centered and will scroll if needed :)

    As always, download is available on GitHub

    If you wanna take part of translations in your native language, join translation project on Crowdin https://crowdin.com/project/aa-aio-tweaker


    If you really like my work consider a donation. That would really help my motivation and I would really appreciate even a very small contribution. Infos in the bio down below!

    New version of AA AIO TWEAKER (version 3.2) is live on GitHub and brings the following changes:

    • NEW: Tweak for adjusting USB and WiFi Bitrate
    • NEW: The method for patching apps has been revised with a faster and lighter execution
    • NEW: App will now proactively warn user if a command is not successful
    • NEW: App will now warn user to choose a value if the tweak requires so (e.g. Calendar Days, Notifcation durations) and it's not been applied before
    • FIXED: Animations of tweaks been applied now work correctly
    • FIXED: Status of the tweaks have been revised once again to have the actual status
    • FIXED: App will now rely on saved settings for tweaks that have a numeric value instead of retrieving the value from database
    • IMPROVED: Translations

    If you wanna take part of translations in your native language, join translation project on Crowdin https://crowdin.com/project/aa-aio-tweaker

    Download from GitHub


    If you really like my work consider a donation. Infos in the bio down below!