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Root Qiku Q Terra 808 (CP8692_I02), unlock bootloader & flash TWRP recovery

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Senior Member
Aug 15, 2016
I think the firmware is different... I'll check and give you the other firmware

Dear Dev,
I was able to unlock bootloader (with your suggested method), flashed TWRP, flashed SuperSU. Also, indian firmware on handset.

BUT, cmd not accepted command : dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p30 of=/sdcard/params.bak
Due to that I was not able to go forward and flash 6.0.1 china ROM.

What am I doing wrong in the process. Please suggest.

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    Hello Friends:cowboy:,

    At last I figured out how to unlock bootloader, root & flash TWRP recovery !!

    To achieve the above you should have some basic knowledge of adb, fastboot & flashing.

    The usual warning... Try the following on your own risk, don't blame me if your device is dead, burnt or you lose your job because your boss couldn't contact you on your dead cell phone :laugh:.

    Lets Begin !!

    1) Download & install ADB-setup and Qiku Download Assistant.

    2) Go to bootloader, switch off your phone and press and hold volume up button while connecting usb cable. When you see bootloader press volume up again to enter fastboot mode.

    3) Go to device manager and you should see “Android or unknown” with a yellow exclamation mark under “other device”. You have to manually install fastboot driver here, just google it how to do it. You to have
    go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Qiku\adb and select QK_ANDROID_ADB to install drivers.

    4) Unzip the firmwares zip files.

    5) Now to unlock bootloader we have flash the following firmware 6.0.018.P2.160720.QK8692.CPD but we have to force close Qiku flashing tool when flashing is at 1-2%. To do that open task manager on your pc before flashing and end Qiku flashing when the flashing is 1-2%.

    6) Disconnect phone from pc and reconnect while pressing & holding volume up if you see completely black display it means now you have unlocked bootloader. Always refer to the device manager in your pc if your device is in fastboot mode as you would not see anything on the device display once you flashed the above mentioned firmware.

    7) Go to the folder where you have the TWRP custom recovery. While in the folder press shift and right click and select “open command prompt here” from the menu. Copy “fastboot -i 0x1EBF flash recovery Qiku-TWRP-recovery.img” without quotes and paste in the cmd and enter.

    8) Once Qiku TWRP recovery is flashed successfully lets boot the same from bootloader. While in the folder press shift and right click and select “open command prompt here” from the menu. Copy “fastboot -i 0x1EBF boot Qiku-TWRP-recovery.img” without quotes. Your device should boot in TWRP recovery.

    9) In the TWRP recovery on your phone go to advance and select adb sideload and start the same.

    10) Go to the folder where you have the SuperSu.zip and open command prompt here. Copy “adb sideload UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.78-20160905010000.zip” paste in the cmd and enter, without quotes.

    11) Now if you wish to lock bootloader again then select reboot option in the recovery and select bootloader. Go to the folder where you have the emmc_appsboot.mbn file and open command prompt here. Copy “fastboot -i 0x1EBF flash aboot emmc_appsboot.mbn” without quotes and paste in the cmd and enter. This will lock the bootloader and you can always unlock the bootloader by following above mentioned instructions.

    13) Copy “fastboot -i 0x1EBF reboot” in cmd and enter. This should reboot you phone.

    14) If everything went well you should see supersu app in the phone. You can also check by an app called root checker from play store if you have successfully rooted your device.

    When you have the unlocked bootlader there would be no display when you're in fastboot mode hence you have to check in device manager to ensure that the device is fastboot mode. Plus while booting or rebooting there would not be any boot animation but only the boot sound. This is due to the unlock bootloader.

    Contents of the download link :

    A) Stock firmware for the device v21. incase you have trouble and wish to flash stock firmware.
    B) Firmware to unlock bootloader 6.0.018.P2.160720.QK8692.CPD.
    C) 8692_I02 individual .img of stock.
    D) adb-setup for adb & fastboot drivers
    E) Stock aboot .img to lock bootloader.
    G) Qiku download assistant.
    E) Qiku TWRP recovery
    F) SuperSu.zip.

    Download link -- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bwy9M10qfmJLNElFemQwTTFXcTQ

    Upgrade to the latest 360 OS, Android 6.0.1 and also activate VoLTE - https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/general/upgrade-qiku-cp8692i02-to-6-0-1-t3529352

    Have fun :good::good:
    Hi guys!
    Found on the Chinese forum, firmware, FLYME.
    Maybe someone already downloaded it? And then the links are broken, please share, And if anyone does not vkurse, here
    Reference and translation,

    Here to join the 360 ​​odd cool flagship version (full Netcom Brush Pack), because my phone in the test Andrews 7.1.1ROM, so can not test the system, do not know what bug. In order to meet the requirements of most of the curiosity, so put this package link issued (already encrypted), such as the intention of brush machine can private letter asked me password.

    Warning: untested, do not know what the current unknown bug, please carefully consider the brush machine, such as any mistakes, there are individuals to bear!

    360 Cheerful Ultimate (Full Netcom) Flyme beta
    The basic information is as follows:
    Developers: Wick Rabbit FIER Developer (I) ROM Size: 981.5MB
    Andrews Version: 6.0 UI Type: Flyme
    Applicable models: odd cool flagship (All Netcom) Published: 2017-5-29


    The links aren't broken but the firmware was never uploaded I suppose. I visit the Qiku Chinese forum everyday and have been following the mentioned post since the day it was posted. Also wrote to the uploader but no response from him about the valid download link. Reached to another guy who ported ReserructionRemix ROM for our device he said there is some issue with the FingerPrint scanner of Flyme 6 OS hence the said ROM for our device would never be released.
    I got through the set TWRP Working_full_109_P2_stable_signed.zip, the phone has become loaded.
    Tell me, can be removed TWRP and return everything to the factory condition?
    Or, perhaps, give links to the latest firmware TWRP format? Because now the firmware is not updated.

    Is your issue resolved??
    Hi guys!
    not the topic a bit.
    There firmware MIUI.
    It works stable (except the torch of curtains) but does not come to an SMS sent, but does not come.
    What can be wrong?!
    Can someone fix ..
    Here she firmware
    Many thanks

    Try the latest one... http://bbs.360.cn/thread-14829735-1-1.html
    Comunication settings can help us, but i need password.
    I use *#*#4364926#*#* to enter to engeneer menu, but there are two submenu with password.
    I have m02 android 5.1.1 v142

    As mentioned if you're on V21 then no password is required. Either you flash V21 and try or you let me know what to be done in those setting. I can flash V21 and check.