[ROOT][SNAPDRAGON] SamFAIL for Galaxy Note8[V3]

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Aug 20, 2018
The exact condition is a Race condition caused by the AOD initilizing. Basially the normal screen turns on in AOD mode. Maybe once or twice a day. It happens when you turn the screen on right before the AOD starts. Hard to get timing consistantly
Whoa was there a thread cleaning? That's a 4 hour nap in posting and that last part looks as if it's a continued conversation. ??

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The exact condition is a Race condition caused by the AOD initilizing. Basially the normal screen turns on in AOD mode. Maybe once or twice a day. It happens when you turn the screen on right before the AOD starts. Hard to get timing consistantly

So are you asking for help with the screen glitching it to weird colors every now and then? If yes, you've already found the solution which is to turn screen off and turn back on. It definitely has to do with AOD. I think there's gotta be a if else then check going on when the device is picked up.

Could also have to do with "block accidental touches." I got the glitches less when that feature was turned off.


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Aug 10, 2010
Recently I've experienced horrible reception and little signal strength.
Can I upgrade just the modem file to try and get better signal? I am still on 1AQI5 and would rather not update everything.

Running the Verizon Note 8, on Samfail V1 on the Chimera V2.


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Jun 24, 2010
ok I will give it a try, I was going to try that Chimera rom then I can just put in the csc file directly and will work with out issue right.
I think (not sure) that Chimera has add-on csc's (modified) that can be flashed with rom....
But either way will work, manual install from my thread or flash with Chimera

Sent from my God Mode 8
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May 9, 2015
Somewhere around here.....


Aug 25, 2018
I know that after SamFAIL rooting, it breaks the safetynet and can't use some app like snapchat.
If I unroot later, will I be able to use snapchat again? Or charge back to 100% battery?

Is there any permanent affect after rooting with SamFAIL?

Also, the reason I want to root is I want to recovery some deleted videos. But does SamFAIL wipe the data when root? If so, is there any other rooting method that I can use, so I can recover the deleted videos?


Aug 25, 2018
Thank you so much for your quick reply, butchieboy

Yes, Discdigger is nice. But can I still recover the video after root? Since samfail wipes data.

Also, just to reconfirm, can I also use snapchat after unroot? Meaning there is totally no harm after rooting with samfail. If yes, Thats super amazing ˆˆ

100% yes after unroot..yes samfail wipes data..when rooted try discdigger

SM-N950U TWIZtd Rom
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    As of 8/28/18 SamFAIL is officially depreciated. There is no new root method at this time and i will not be helping find another one. Bootloader V3 is the final version of SamFAIL for Note8. DO NOT PM ME ASKING FOR HELP!!!



    Root for the USA Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy Note 8! (N950U,N950U1,N950W)

    WARNING! The latest Note8 software update(U4XXXX) blocks samFail(All carriers.). DO NOT UPDATE IF YOU WANT ROOT!
    SamFAILv3 Has been Released There is an addititonal step in Part 1 for V3 ONLY.

    Bootloader check guide(Green can be rooted, Red can not be rooted)
    Last 6 of firmware version(X can be different):
    U1XXXX=Bootloader V1
    U2XXXX or S2XXXX=Bootloader V2
    U3XXXX or S3XXXX=Bootloader V3

    U4XXXX or S4XXXX=Bootloader V4
    U5XXXX or S5XXXX=Bootloader V5

    Disclaimer 1: Although this method does not trip the "Knox Flag" you are still taking a risk by rooting your device. We are not responsible for your blazing fast smartphone with root! Let's hope this one doesn't catch on fire!

    First and foremost, SHOUTOUTS!
    - @partcyborg for finding the root method!
    - @me2151 for testing on Note 8 and facilitating root on the Note 8!
    - @elliwigy for... Shenanigans! And thread template :)
    - @jrkruse For the deodexed system!
    - @Chainfire He will be missed! (no he is not dead, just retired.)
    - Samsung for the amazing phone and leaving rediculous loopholes open for us to root!

    Disclaimer 2: The method to root should be pretty straight forward as the hard work has already been done for you. With that being said, you will need to know how to download files from the internet, extract a zip file and to use ODIN. That is basically it! Oh yea, BACK UP YOUR INTERNAL STORAGE AS THIS WILL ERASE IT! PLEASE BE SURE TO READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY BEFORE ASKING FOR HELP!

    - SamFAIL Note 8 Pre-Rooted System.tar/PIT File Zip (in Post #2)
    - SamFAIL Note 8 PART 2 Firmware Zip (also in Post #2)
    - Comsey ODIN and Normal ODIN (Found in Post #2 Aswell)(Normal ODIN is just in case)
    - Well your Note 8 of course, Need to be by a PC and ready to use Download Mode!

    Part 1 Instructions:

    IF YOU ARE ON U3(Rev3) bootloader you must Flash SamFAILv3_N8_FIRMWARE first THEN do part 1 THEN part 2 again. This IS a requirement. Not optional. Otherwise for U1 and U2 proceed as normal.
    1) Unzip the SamFAIL Note 8 Pre-Rooted System.tar and PIT File to your PC.
    2) Have Comsey ODIN up and ready. Place your Note 8 into Download Mode and Connect to PC
    3) In the AP slot, select the Pre-Rooted system.tar.
    4) Now go to the PIT tab(Click OK or close on the warning box) and click and navigate to the PIT file you also just downloaded and select it.

    5) On the OPTIONS tab, you will select the following: Auto Reboot, F. Reset Time, NAND ERASE ALL, and Re-Partition.
    6) Once you have everything in place and the correct options selected, press START.
    7) ODIN will say FAIL at the end of the flash and the phone will have rebooted to upload mode saying "Unknow Error". Don't fret however, the system should have still been written!

    8) You will have to get the phone back into Download mode( Hold Power, VOL- and bixby together and the phone will reboot to download mode and tell you its in emergency mode. THIS IS NORMAL.) and then proceed to Part 2 Instructions!

    Basic ODIN flashing here guys... Not rocket science!

    Part 2 Instructions:

    1) Download and Extract the SamFAIL Note 8 Part 2 Firmware Zip to your PC
    2) Click Reset in Comsey ODIN or close it out and re-open it so it is COMPLETELY cleared out
    3) Now select the firmware. BL goes in BL, AP goes in AP, CP goes in CP, dont press start yet!
    4) Now, this time we ARE NOT SELECTING A PIT FILE, We should just select Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time. DO NOT DO NAND ERASE ALL OR YOU WILL HAVE TO START OVER.
    5) Once you got the partitions in place and the right options selected, Press Start!
    7) Once phone boots up, Setup your device as normal and proceed to the SuperSU app. It may ask you to update the SU Binary. Select Normal method and let it do its thing. Follow its instructions then SU should say it was Successful in updating and it needs to reboot(You may have to do it multiple times. I believe its 2 or 3 times then its good) ENJOY SamFAIL ROOT!

    * Boot.img is SECURE which means you MUST use SYSTEM ROOT. (Similar to SamPWND)
    * This means that MAGISK DOES NOT WORK
    * Which also means SAFETY NET FAILS. So any apps you enjoy that require passing Safety Net will most likely not work while you are rooted with SamFAIL
    * Again, similar to SamPWND, this root method uses a factory binary boot.img which is necessary to boot the modified system. THIS MEANS BATTERY ONLY CHARGES TO 80% (Thanks Samsung.)
    * This *should* in theory, work for other Snapdragon Models of the Note 8. If you have another model and are successful please post so we can add "support" for other models.

    Back to Stock?
    - Download the full STOCK firmware of your choice.
    - Flash it in ODIN/Comsey ODIN as you would any other time!
    - It will take a few reboots for the "custom" splash screen to go away.


    - Screen sometimes will be bugged out. Fix by turning screen off and back on. Caused by Factory boot files.
    - Possibility of Bixby Home crashing.
    - SuperSU may ask you to update it multiple times.

    As always, the devs have been hard at work recently to bring you root. Donations are definitely NOT REQUIRED but if you feel generous and want to spot the devs a few bucks for their hard work you can donate to this Paypal Address:


    DOWNLOADS will be in POST #2
    UPDATES will be in POST #3

    As always, ENJOY ROOT and thank SamFAIL for making it all possible!

    Telegram Group has been closed.

    P.S. See why we called it SamFAIL now? Massive fail on Samsungs part.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    SamFAIL, Tool/Utility for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (2017 Phone)

    me2151, partcyborg, elliwigy, jrkruse

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Beta Version: V2

    Created 2017-10-08
    Last Updated 2018-08-28

    Main files:
    SamFailv1= Bootloader Revision 1(u1)
    N8_SamFAIL_SYSTEM Deodexed
    SamFailv2= Bootloader Revision 2(u2/s2) WARNING ONLY USE IF ON Rev2 Firmware. YOU CANNOT DOWNGRADE BACK TO Rev1!
    N8_SamFAILV2_SYSTEM Odexed

    SamFailV2.5= Bootloader Revision 2(u2/s2) WARNING ONLY USE IF ON Rev2 Firmware. YOU CANNOT DOWNGRADE BACK TO Rev1!

    SamFailV3= Bootloader Revision 3(u3/s3) WARNING ONLY USE IF ON Rev3 Firmware. YOU CANNOT DOWNGRADE BACK TO Rev1 or Rev2!
    ARE YOU READY KIDS??? Heres the news you all have been waiting for. Rev2 has been SamFAILED! I have full root with the SamFAIL method on U2 firmware. Based of Sprints U2BQJB Firmware. There is multicsc already included so there will not be the need for csc just as before. It is currently NOT deodexed. Thats on my todo list. But spread the joy. We have root after Samsung patched us out.

    EDIT: This IS rooted however i want to test for a few days to look for bugs before release. This is more of a notice.
    EDIT2: Yes there is still the 80% battery bug. Dont ask about it. Each time someone asks about it im testing it one more day before i release it. So keep your mouths shut(and fingers of the keyboard) about it. :)

    Initial release---
    Deodexed system
    better method

    Initial Release---
    Added support for incrimented bootloader Firmwares.
    Uses same method as Rev1

    Based on BQL5
    Camera fixed
    ATT Calling features fixed(ONLY IF YOU DO NOT FLASH A CSC) thanks to @jerrycoffman45
    VZW Custom CSCFeatures thanks to @louforgiveno
    ATT,SPR,TMO re-enabled callerID and spam protect.
    Setup freeze at checking for updates fixed.

    Support for BLv3 Thanks to @ililaoban for confirming it still works on U3
    Based on BRA9(Jan Sec patch)

    Mini Update#3:
    If on Oreo revert back to stock Nougat first. the oreo bootloader patches samfail.
    Guys. Ive already stated a new update will be coming soon(it eliminates ALOT of problems people have). It ALSO eliminates the need to flash csc. You All who are posting files just stop and wait til tomorrow. thats when the new stuff will be up Along with an updated guide.