[ROOT] Super Leaky Bros. presents Sprint Galaxy Note 7 root method.


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May 28, 2006
Pasadena, CA
Hello INTERNET and welcome! Super Leaky Bros. is proud to announce the first, and hopefully start of a great relationship with rooting your Note 7. Thanks to the combined efforts of myself and @cruckus, we've come up with a way to root your phone.... Thanks to @Chainfire for SuperSU for the Galaxy S7/qualcomm snapdragon 820

Please take the time to read this entire post to understand the pros, and cons of such root and what to expect from it. Now, we have acquired a Userdebug version of the Note 7 software on SPRINT, that includes a su binary by default. This Userdebug version is labeled PH3 and is supposed to be an update to the current PGC version. It comes with the August 1 security patch.

-We'll be providing the Odin flashable tar as well as instructions on how to insert SuperSU root so that you can have GUI.
-Flashing back to stock via Odin reverses everything and allows both Samsung Pay and Android Pay to work again.
-This does not 'trip' knox. It remains 0x0.

What is Userdebug? Well, it is a version in the Samsung testing phase, like engineering, except not as good, that allows the software team to test updates before presenting them to carriers. It includes many more binaries than the stock ROM for debugging purposes. Now, with this root method, you will not be able to use Samsung Pay, Android Pay, OR update officially to any new software version. As it stands now, this is the only version you can be on while rooted. If we can manage to either a) keep up with updates with new userdebug versions, or b) find a permanent root solution from either this method, or another one, we can then continue to update our phones.

Like the S7 and S7 edge, TWRP is not available with this particular method because the bootloader remains locked. However, root apps all work fine.
I have managed to get xposed working as well, and @cruckus will write a how to.

If you're feeling generous, and you should be, please endorse our continued efforts with a small donation. Donations can be made to @cruckus ([email protected]) and myself (donate button under avatar).

It goes without saying that your internal storage will be wiped.
[size=+3]This guide assumes you have adb set up properly.[/size]
Step 1: Download the Odin flashable TAR image: ALL_SPT_N930PVPU1APH3_N930PSPT1APH3_CL8706608_QB10617237_REV00_userdebug_low_noship_MULTI_CERT.tar
Step 2: Download the Super SU zip for Note 7: sun7.zip
Step 3: Download Odin 3.12.4: Odin 3.12.4
Step 4: Extract Odin 3.12.4 zip.
Step 5: Extract sun7.zip to a folder with your adb. Those of you who have installed adb globally can extract the sun7.zip anywhere. There should be 4 files in the folder and that folder MUST be labeled "sun7"
Step 6: Power down your phone, then boot up into download mode. Power+VOL DOWN+home.
Step 7: Connect your phone to the computer and open Open Odin 3.12.4. Odin should display "Added!!" in the log window when your phone is connected.
Step 8: Place the downloaded tar into the AP slot in Odin and flash.

This next phase will take a VERY long time to boot. The ROM is deodexed by default and not 1st boot optimized. BE PATIENT. Also, if you are going to restore your google account, make sure do NOT restore SuperSU. Once the phone boots up and is at the home screen, go into settings, about, then tap the build number 7 times to unlock developer options. Make sure usb debugging is selected and move on to step 9.

Step 9: Open a command prompt where your ADB executable and sun7 folder are.
Step 10: Verify standard root access by typing "adb shell" then "su" If successful, type "exit" twice to get back to the command prompt.
Step 11: Push the sun7 folder to your phone by typing "adb push sun7 /data/local/tmp/su"
Step 12: Change permissions of contents in su to 777 by typing "adb shell chmod 0777 /data/local/tmp/su/*"
Step 13: Launch adb shell by typing "adb shell"
Step 14: Change directory to su by typing "cd data" "cd local" "cd tmp" "cd su"
Step 15: Gain standard root privileges by typing "su"
Step 16: Execute the SU script by typing "./root.sh"

At this point, the script will install SuperSU, set up root, and reboot automatically. Once booted back up, SuperSU should be in your app drawer and should work. At this point, I would suggest downloading busybox on rails from the Play Store and set up busybox. Super SU may or may not update binaries successfully after installing busybox. I was able to update to 2.76 without issue.

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Sep 12, 2010
This is the instructions for installing xposed. Big shout out though to my buddy freeza who helped/helps me alot though. Anyway your not here for that your here for xposed haha. I will post the zip down below the instructions to make sure everyone reads them. Secondly, Freeza nor I own xposed so definitely thank the creators on their thread and download the installer here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3034811
step 1: download zip.
step 2: extract zip to where your adb is. if you have adb globally installed, then extract anywhere. There should be 4 folders and 2 files inside of the folder and the folder should be called xposed.
step 3: launch command prompt where adb and the extracted xposed folder is.
step 4: connect your phone to pc.
step 5: push xposed folder to your phone by typing "adb push xposed /data/local/tmp/xposed"
step 6: change permissions on xposed.sh to 777 by typing "adb shell chmod 0777 /data/local/tmp/xposed/xposed.sh"
step 7: launch adb shell by typing "adb shell"
step 8: change directory to xposed by typing "cd data" "cd local" "cd tmp" "cd xposed"
step 9: gain standard root privileges by typing "su"
step 10: launch xposed installer by typing "./xposed.sh"
It will take care of the rest and reboot. The phone will rebuild caches and take a while to boot. So be patient and donate while you wait, it should make it load faster it has been proven. Jk and enjoy! https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=101917
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Nov 1, 2012
All this hate flowing through my veins bro.... All this Hate..... We need the tmo version also ?

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Lol. I can feel the hate

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Another Freebro Production

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May 5, 2011
Freebro from bro bro street... great job, Han must be so proud.. I'll ask Dan to donate to you again!! Haha

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