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[ROOT] SuperSU

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    This thread was originally for Pixel-specific rooting instructions, but by now the SuperSU ZIP and TWRP are fully supported:

    - Fastboot boot TWRP
    - Install latest SuperSU ZIP (v2.79-SR3 at the time of writing)

    Note that at this time I recommend against fastboot flashing TWRP. With the Pixel's new partition layout, the recovery files are inside the boot partition, and so is SuperSU. If you flash both, SuperSU's internal boot image backup will not be of the original boot image, but of TWRP. This means that neither the 'full unroot' option in SuperSU, nor incremental OTA update through FlashFire, will work as expected.


    - Use CF-Auto-Root for Pixel (not released at the time of writing, but should be released soon)
    Chain fire was your tester able to verify if the system UI issue was fixed? Just curious I have yet to experience it my self and was just currently below 15%

    Yes, the 15% issue is fixed. Release probably later today or tomorrow. Have some other bugs to fix as well.
    Fanboys just admit that the you can't install RC1 fresh and the op is misleads users to try that route. Dev gave instructions thant don't work. I think it was not tested, however, just flash twrp RC1 and SU5 and the dev assumed it world work. No problem, but many of us wasted hours trying to prove an assumption... Maybe we need SU6? Update: I forgot to say I was trying to root, too. So yes, I can install RC1 but can't root. Srry, dev and those I rubbed the wrong way. My bad.

    The instructions worked at that release time (weeks ago), it's not my fault TWRP was updated a few days ago in an incompatible way. Nor is it Dees_Troy's fault - it's just how things turned out.

    There will be an update to SuperSU to fix this. In the mean time, just use alpha2 instead of rc1.

    Or, you could continue being a complete asshat, in which case, please get the hell out of my thread (and/or off my planet).