[ROOT / TWRP][D851 ONLY][OSX/Linux/Windows] Root/TWRP your TMO G3 with PurpleDrake!


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Aug 19, 2008
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Howdy all!

What's this? Read on, dear reader, to discover the magic that is PurpleDrake.

What is this?

This is a utility to easily root your LG G3 (specific models only). It's a fairly foolproof script that includes all the dependencies you'll need for getting your phone rooted easily.

This is the FULL version. This means that it will automatically root, and ask you if you want TWRP installed and a custom boot that doesn't trip the root checker!
Who made this?

This root is a collaboration between myself (IOMonster), jcase, and autoprime.
Special thanks also to beaups for some initial guidance looking at the vulnerable application.

Thanks to @Shelnutt2 for the security-disabled boot.img
Thanks to @Dees-Troy for the TWRP image!
Is my phone compatible?

The new LG G3 models each are slightly different with regards to rooting and unlocking.

To see a matrix of which LG G3 phones are compatible with this root, please see this Google Docs spreadsheet that we've compiled.

When you run this program, your phone will reboot and run a test to see if it's compatible. If the application succeeds, it'll let you know that it's able to permaroot you. If not, it'll fail gracefully and reboot you back to normal Android without having changed anything.

Please note that this version is currently only compatible with the T-Mobile D851 version of the LG G3. For other phones, we suggest you look for the LITE version of PurpleDrake.
How do I use this?


To start, for either platform you'll need to scroll down to the download section and get the file.

Ensure that your phone is in ADB mode (PTP Mode for everyone but Verizon. Verizon users need to be in "Internet"/"Ethernet" mode)

Linux Instructions (in a terminal!)
  • Extract the file you downloaded...
    tar xvf ~/Downloads/PurpleDrake-TMO_VERSION.tar.gz
  • Mark the application as executable, and run it!
    cd PurpleDrake-TMO
    chmod +x purpledrake_linux.sh

OSX Instructions (just a bit easier)
  • Extract the file you downloaded
  • Double-click on "purpledrake_osx"

Windows Instructions
  • Extract the file you downloaded
  • Double-click on "purpledrake_windows"

The application will guide you through all the steps you need.

You will still need to install SuperSU from the market after installing PurpleDrake. This pack does not include one.

If you choose to install the custom boot.img, your phone's root checker will not be tripped and your phone will show as UNROOTED.

After, be sure to check @autoprime's post for how to disable OTA upgrades! here : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=54254111&postcount=2
But, what if I don't want to run your script to root?

Well then, I'd be a little hurt, but you can still do everything the script does manually.
Download the package, and extract it. Open a terminal in the main folder of the archive and run these commands:
adb reboot --bnr_recovery
adb push ./assets/start_restore /temp/start_restore
adb push ./assets/permaroot.bin /temp/start_restore
adb reboot
That will perma-root you, however there's no protection from doing something stupid or the phone being incompatible. Please be careful!
Where do I get this?

- Fixed Windows support
- Fixed OSX ADB issues not detecting phone first try
- Fixed race conditions leading to errors permarooting
- Added 64-bit Linux ADB
Old version here... (OSX/Linux only)
Please DO NOT mirror or re-upload the PurpleDrake software to your own site, or any other file host.

If you need drivers for Windows (thanks @autoprime for having these handy!):
Help, it doesn't work!

Post here, let us know what happened and we'll try to help you. DO NOT private message us on XDA or on IRC asking for help. We will not assist privately.

Most questions if not answered here can be answered on #lg-g3 on IRC in Freenode.
Thanks so much! How can I show my appreciation?

Since this was a collaboration project, proceeds that are made from this root will be split between amongst us so we can purchase a Sprint test phone to root (as it's currently not rooted).

If you'd like to donate to us, click the "Donate to me" button on the left sidebar under my name, and be sure to enter a comment to let us know that you're donating towards the PurpleDrake project.

Thanks again!
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Jun 23, 2010

Q: I'm running the Windows .bat as administrator and it's closing/not working.
A: There is no need to run the .bat as admin. Just double-click and run.

Q: I get the "Windows cannot find '.\assets\windows\bin\mintty.exe'." error.. watdo?
A: Try just double-clicking on the .bat instead of running as admin.
Also make sure the script is extracted properly first before running.

Q: I [used Flashify and] am stuck in fastboot.. how can I get out?
A: Be cautious using Flashify as it seems it's not working right.. or people are hitting the wrong buttons with it.

HERE are the stock TMO D851 partitions.

Use fastboot to flash recovery(TWRP or stock) and stock boot. This will install TWRP and fix booting into rom.
If on Windows you will need fastboot drivers. Use Google to find fastboot binaries and drivers.

fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot reboot
The commands to flash TWRP manually instead of using flashify is below.
Place TWRP on the root of your internal /sdcard/ using MTP, downloading it directly to phone or using ADB push.

adb push name_of_file.img /sdcard/

adb shell
dd if=/sdcard/name_of_file.img of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/recovery

Disable OTA:

Open LG Hidden Menu (3845#*851#) --> WLAN Test --> OTA Setting --> OFF
*Replace "851" with your devices model number, 850, 852, 855 etc...

The first D851 update has been released (10M). Bootloader remained unlocked. It would appear future OTAs will be safe to take AS LONG AS YOUR PHONE IS NOT MODIFIED! If you have flashed TWRP or installed xposed or modified /system then you need to restore any changes made or flash stock firmware (tot/kdz) before taking OTA.

If using a non-tmobile g3 I would be hesitant about taking OTA updates. An OTA may update the boot stack to block Bump!

EFS Backup:

[FONT="Arial Narrow"][B]Backup EFS after jailbreaking your G3. EFS is split into 2 partitions modemst1 and modemst2. 
img files will be on root of internal sdcard. Save the .img files somewhere else besides the sdcard... email, cloud, etc..[/B]


I have made a new thread on EFS backup and restore which can be found [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g3/development/efs-lg-g3-efs-backup-restore-t2907329"]HERE[/URL].
[B][SIZE="5"]Restoring Stock / Remove root flag:[/SIZE][/B]
Download the tmo .tot file and use lg flash to restore it to stock. itll format everything on internal sdcard so backup anything u may need off it.

T-Mobile firmware can be found [URL="http://downloads.codefi.re/wolfgart/LG_G3/D851"]here[/URL]. Thanks to [user=608699]@wolfgart[/user] for the files and [user=1157052]@thecubed[/user] for codefire hosting. 

*Step by step picture guide - [url]http://imgur.com/W83hMPE[/url]
install the drivers.
put phone into Download Mode (power off. unplug USB. pull battery. put battery back in. press/hold Volume Up then plug in USB cable.)
In Windows Device Manager set the phones serial COM port to #41. (*see picture guide for help)
Install [URL="http://downloads.codefi.re/autoprime/LG/LG_G3/Setup_LGFlashTool_1.8.6.527.zip"][B]LG Flash[/B][/URL]. In "C:\LG\LG Flash" folder delete megalock dll. Replace with .dll below.
new megalock dll - [url]http://bit.ly/1cQADXm[/url] (this site includes a "download manager.. UNCHECK THE BOX before downloading dll file.)
Run LG Flash in the "C:\LG\LG Flash" folder. Select korean factory if asked.
When LG Flash opens you will see a box to select firmware and dll.
Select [URL="http://downloads.codefi.re/autoprime/LG/LG_G3/LGUP_8974.dll"][B]LG Flash .dll[/B][/URL]
Select (.tot)
Hit OK (*see picture guide for help)
Hit yellow start button. If you get Milkyway error click ok. LG Flash will then run a crc check on the tot file. Takes a bit. 
After crc check finishes unplug the phone. plug phone back in. it should now be seen in LG Flash and start flashing. 
Phone will reboot when finished. You may end up on a screen with s "2"... let it sit there for a minute or two. 
If stuck on "2" try unplugging the usb cable from the phone.. wait 10 seconds.. then plug the usb cable back in. now wait 30 seconds and hopefully it changes to a "3"
Once the phone says "3" you can unplug the USB.. remove the battery and plug back in.. boot back up... you are now 100% stock. 
[B][SIZE="5"]PurpleDrake YouTube Videos:[/SIZE][/B]
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Jul 26, 2011
And where is the bootloader unlock talked about at the bounty thread or was it just a hoax?

Gesendet von meinem LG-D855


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Aug 19, 2008
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And where is the bootloader unlock talked about at the bounty thread or was it just a hoax?

Gesendet von meinem LG-D855
Hoax? What?

This pack is ONLY for the T-Mobile G3 which has an unlocked bootloader out of the box.

D855 support is NOT included in here. There will be a separate thread when we have an unlock for the bootloaders of the rest of the G3 family.


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Jul 26, 2011
Hoax? What?

This pack is ONLY for the T-Mobile G3 which has an unlocked bootloader out of the box.

D855 support is NOT included in here. There will be a separate thread when we have an unlock for the bootloaders of the rest of the G3 family.
I'm aware of that and sry it wasn't meant offensive or to put this one down, autoprime, did imply at the bounty thread, that you as well managed to unlock the bootloader, at least at the beginning, that's what I'm referring to, sry that i said it the wrong way, was a bit disappointed, which for sure isn't your fault or the one of this tool, it's still great progress you made.

Gesendet von meinem LG-D855


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Feb 16, 2009

2. It didn't work the first time around, temproot worked but permaroot did not. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I was reading this forum while it was waiting for my input... I can't see how that would have made a difference but whatever. [[ Edit: It worked the second time running, I just followed the instructions immediately - no problems. /Edit ]]
3. Just a reminder for Linux users ... you have to add udev rules as described here: http://developer.android.com/tools/device.html ... and when you are done with that, also run:

$ sudo service udev restart; sudo killall -9 adb

4. My G3 would only connect to my laptop (Ubuntu 14.04) when it was in PTP mode. MTP or Charge Only did _NOT_ work... Only PTP.
5. THANK YOU AGAIN! You devs rock!

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