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[Root][TWRP][Recovery] Lumigon T3

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Apr 8, 2011

is attached below to make finding easier for everyone. this is what you came here for.
Nobody needs that now they can just follow your new method of tripping Orange State Warning on the bootloader and maybe breaking their netflix, banking and other app's that could possibly check for this state IDK :good:
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Apr 8, 2011
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    Lumigon T3 Root, Recvery, etc

    This OP = Lumigon T3 Gerneral Info.
    post #2 = Root and Recovery
    post #3 = Other Info as & when available


    Device Info:
    Manufacturers Product Description
    Designed in Denmark The T3 is made from marine-grade 316 stainless steel and damage resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 for premium look and feel. Every unique feature has been created to meet a genuine need. Every design aspect and choice of material are well thought through and serve a practical purpose.
    Our designer Audio headset with smooth shapes are a perfect fit and included in the package.
    Camera's The remarkable 13MP/4K camera with dual tone flash has a very fast PDAF (Phase Detection Autofocus) technology. The dedicated camera key on the side gives quick access to the camera, while the volume buttons can be used to zoom in and out.
    Front The T3 has a 5MP/2K front-facing camera, which is equipped with a flash, which allows taking clear selfies, having a video call or using the Mirror app even in dark environments.
    Night Vision Camera The T3 is first smartphone in the world to come equipped with a Night Vision camera. It allows any kind of night recordings and makes invisible objects in the dark visible.
    Rear Touch Panel The BackTouch panel can be used to swipe photos and scroll websites. The integrated camera release on the BackTouch is very convenient when taking selfies.
    Vault App Secure and encrypted Vault is a unique Lumigon app where images, contacts, confidential notes, PINs, apps etc. can be stored and remain private if you don't want others to see your sensitive data. Vault is not only for storing; you can also send and receive text messages and calls directly from the Vault app. All your Vault data is encrypted and secured with a PIN.
    One-press access ActionKey This key can be customised to turn on/off the flashlight, open an app, etc. Actions can be activated by either a short press or a long press. The ActionKey can be used even if the screen is off.
    Universal remote control With its infrared receiver and transmitter, the phone can be used as a remote control for TV, audio, video etc. You can also copy commands from your existing infrared remote controls into the memory of T3. The remote control app has a predefined selection of remote-control profiles including MAC and B&O products that you can adjust and personalize with different colours.
    Notification light The T3 can be set to notify with a discrete light if there is a new mail in your inbox, a new message or a missed call.
    Handwave function The Hand-wave feature allows answering phone calls without touching the phone. If you accept a phone call, the sensor activates the speakers and microphone automatically. You can also use Hand-wave for swiping the photos in the gallery app, snoozing the alarm, etc.

    Devices Spec's:
    Lumigon T3 full specifications
    Release date June 2016
    Form factor Touchscreen
    Dimensions (mm) 137.00 x 69.00 x 7.90
    Weight (g) 145.00
    Removable battery No
    Colours Black, White, Orange, Gold
    Screen size (inches) 4.80
    Touchscreen Yes
    Resolution 720x1280 pixels
    Processor 2.2GHz octa-core
    Processor make MediaTek Helio X10
    RAM 3GB
    Internal storage 128GB
    Expandable storage No
    Rear camera 13-megapixel
    Rear Flash Dual LED
    Front camera 5-megapixel
    Front Flash Yes
    Operating System Android 6.0
    Wi-Fi Yes
    Wi-Fi standards supported 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
    GPS Yes
    Bluetooth Yes, v 4.10
    NFC Yes
    Infrared Yes
    USB OTG Yes
    Headphones 3.5mm
    FM No
    Number of SIMs 2
    SIM 1
    SIM Type Nano-SIM
    3G Yes
    4G/ LTE Yes
    Supports 4G in India (Band 40) No
    SIM 2
    SIM Type Nano-SIM
    3G Yes
    4G/ LTE Yes
    Supports 4G in India (Band 40) No
    Compass/ Magnetometer Yes
    Proximity sensor No
    Accelerometer Yes
    Ambient light sensor Yes
    Gyroscope Yes
    Barometer No
    Temperature sensor No

    My Own Thoughts:
    Well for me this devices is a absolute bargain and the steal of the century!!!
    I paid Just $99 USD for this phone and I have even seen it as low as $79!!! I really expected to receive a complete fake but to my total disbelieve it seems to be 100% genuine :eek:
    Lumigon sadly went bankrupt and while I feel bad for Lumigon and it's employees it seems their loss is my gain/gift. :D
    I can only Guess that the Chinese OEM Producer is dumping them in the hope they can re-coupe their costs because this device must cost way more than circa $99 to produce. :eek:
    I read on 4PDA that some are saying these phones are fake but from my investigation of the 3 devices I purchased (1 from coolicool and 2 from efox they are NOT fakes nor are they refurbished.
    All the hardware works 100% so for some manufacturer to produce a "Fake" with all this hardware packed into one device would be nut's and would probably loose money selling them at this price anyway so for me they do seem to be 100% genuine bankrupt stock.
    I doubt these devices will stay around long at those prices :silly: so for those of you lucky enough to get one well done!!
    So here are the downsides as I see them. :confused:
    1. No OEM support, Firmware Updates, official Spares, Accessory's and of course no source code. :(
    2. The Battery: The battery is small for such a feature packed phone so if your a super heavy social media addict who has the everything switched on with your face permanently fixed to the screen awaiting the next "like" or "comment" while wearing your over the ear beats and playing some heavy graphics game then this is probably not the phone for you. :laugh:
    For me it's just fine as I only use my phones for Calls, Texts, a little web browsing and check my emails 2 or 3 times a day.

    Please feel free to participate in this thread by helping out other users, sharing firmware's, Tips and tricks etc etc etc.

    Can I Please kindly request that no one ask's about SPFLASHTOOL as a quick few second's search of google youtube and XDA will reveal all there is to know about What it is, How to use it, Where to get it from and How to install the MediaTek drivers.
    Also no posts about Xposed please because this has it's own thread but If you really need to discuss it then please start your own thread.
    Installing Xposed creates too many variables and the amount of hours I have spent chasing none existing problems trying to help other user's who didn't declare they were using Xposed is unreal :crying: I don't use it so I will never be able to reproduce any bugs you may get.

    Root and TWRP Recovery

    Usual Warning: Everything is at your own risk and I take zero responsibility for bricked devices etc etc etc.

    Download the provided TWRP.img TWRP.img HERE
    Also at the bottom of this post.

    Before you start I would advise you to do a "Read Back" (Backup) of your device using SPFlashTool :good:
    Instructions on how:
    Open the SPFlashTool folder and find the file named "options.ini" and open it using Notepad ++.
    Find the Line
    and change it to
    If this line does not exist at all then just add it.
    Now save it and exit Notepad ++
    Open SPFlashTool and load the scatter.txt you extract from the .zip then go to the read back tab and select the parts you wish to backup.
    Do Not Back Up userdata as 128GB is very big and will likely cause errors :silly:
    I recommend you back up these preloader, nvram, lk, logo, boot, recovery and system as these should suffice for most eventuality's. :good:
    These back up's will be saved in the root of the SPFlashTool Folder and auto named rom0 rom1 etc etc just check the scatter.txt and find the corrosponding sys# to see which each one is
    eg: ROM0 = SYS0 = Preloader.

    Warning all data will be wipe so back up what you value:
    1. Downloaded the New TWRP and rename it to T3-twrp.img
    2. Open SPFlashTool
    3. Choose "Download Only"
    4. Load the custom made scatter file "Lumigon-T3-MT6795_Android_scatter.txt" into SPFlashTool
    5. Place a cross in boot, recovery and userdata then in the empty "location" box's double tap and choose the T3-twrp.img, userdata.img and Magisk patched_boot.img provided in the .zip
    6. Now hit the download button.
    7. After it's done disconnect the phone and wait a few minutes then start the phone.
    NOTE: For some reason the patched boot.img of magisk v17 did not do the usual restart during the first boot for me so if this happens (Gets stuck on the white T3 Logo) then force power off and restart it. After this it boots fine but please allow 10 mins for the first boot.
    Install the latest stable Magisk Manager app HERE and your done.
    You can reboot to recovery to check TWRP is working fine too. ;)

    Please Note: I did not unlock the bootloader or even try so it's either unlocked by default or the signed images do the trick.
    Bootloader getvar after flashing TWRP and Patched Boot.img
    [email protected] ~ $ fastboot getvar all
    (bootloader) 	max-download-size: 0x8000000
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:flashinfo: 1000000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:flashinfo: raw data
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:userdata: 32000000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:userdata: ext4
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:cache: 1a800000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:cache: ext4
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:system: 79000000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:system: ext4
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:tee2: c60000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:tee2: raw data
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:tee1: 500000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:tee1: raw data
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:expdb: a00000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:expdb: raw data
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:frp: 100000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:frp: raw data
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:logo: 800000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:logo: raw data
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:para: 80000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:para: raw data
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:secro: 600000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:secro: raw data
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:recovery: 1000000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:recovery: raw data
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:boot: 1000000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:boot: raw data
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:lk: 60000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:lk: raw data
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:seccfg: 40000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:seccfg: raw data
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:protect2: a00000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:protect2: ext4
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:protect1: a00000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:protect1: ext4
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:nvram: 500000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:nvram: raw data
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:proinfo: 300000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:proinfo: raw data
    (bootloader) 	partition-size:preloader: 40000
    (bootloader) 	partition-type:preloader: raw data
    (bootloader) 	off-mode-charge: 1
    (bootloader) 	warranty: yes
    (bootloader) 	unlocked: no
    (bootloader) 	secure: yes
    (bootloader) 	kernel: lk
    (bootloader) 	product: HTT6795_LWT_M
    (bootloader) 	version-preloader: 0.1.00
    (bootloader) 	version: 0.5
    all: Done!!
    finished. total time: 0.005s

    Please take note of My firmware version which is v3.2P.273.306 and is shown in the screenshots below if yours is different the outcome may be very different from mine so think before you do anything.
    Experimental notes and observations by other users are most welcome. :D

    Some Screenshots:






    TWRP Updated: Fix slow Data Wipes and some other minor fixes, code cleanup. (Nov 2020)
    Click the SHOW button below to view link.
    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kdHNsAL55IC55_dcR13NiX2Qx9TKFpYr/view mod-revision based on the latest stock software version 3.2P.291.340 from Dhanvantari
    fixed bugs
    https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=769158&view=findpost&p=77457940 specification

    ---------- Post added at 08:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:39 PM ----------

    https://yadi.sk/d/J7B-BZOUEXnmOQ Firmware 3.2P.291.340

    https://yadi.sk/i/KKqUWmyfI4z7mg instruction

    https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=769158&view=findpost&p=77336906 link to the firmware on the forum
    The firmware version is in the screenshot images as already stated Please try to be more clear in what you are asking me as I really don't understand your question. Regards bigrammy
    Firmware Version is 3.2P.273.306
    My TWRP works 100% including the OTG.
    It would be nice if the guys on 4PDA would at least give some credit by name and hit my Thanks Button. :(

    Thanks vic.prophet I made my own SPFlashTool firmware for the LUMIGON-T3_3.2P.291.340 from the same source and I posted it in #22

    People should understand that ones you have posted are RECOVERY firmware's and they must carefully select the correct partitions.
    You can wipe the nvram with the above 2 firmwares and and it will be replaced with a generic nvram minus the IMEI's so be careful... :eek:
    These should only be used if your device is totally screwed.

    they'd have been one sale further from insolvency... And I'd have an €806.25 hole in my wallet. (January 2017)
    No problem bet your sure glad you cancelled it now and saved 700 Euro's :laugh: