[Root] WeakSauce APK - 1.0.1


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Feb 20, 2010
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WeakSauce and Firewater have been patched on the latest HTC builds, the current solution is SunShine http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2792487

WeakSauce is an exploit for some HTC devices. It will not work on all HTC devices, if it crashes or doesn't make su available, then it isn't compatible at this time, and I have no interest in adding compatibilitiy. At the time of release, I confirmed that it was compatible with the HTC One m7 & m7 on Verizon. Those are the only two officially supported devices. Yes it will work on other phones, and is worth a try. It will also crash on many, and some it will appear to work and won't. I am not fixing this at this time.

Since this app is just so easy to use, and I am tired of off topic posts, I am closing the thread. If you can not figure out how to use it, ask elsewhere.

This app may not be redistributed, integerated in a toolkil or script, or sold in any way.

It gains root, mounts a new xbin containing busybox, and su. While it is designed for the Verizon HTC One m7 and m8, it will work on other HTC devices as well. It is a crapshoot depending on both model, and sometimes on firmware version. This exploit will re-root your device each boot. You only have write access to /system/xbin with this exploit.

Donations for this project can be sent to -> [email protected]

vuln - jcase
exploit - jcase & beaups
icon - mattlgroff
Dr_Drache - lots of testing

Install the WeakSauce app, run it hit agree.
Then install SuperSu from the market https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.chainfire.supersu
On boot (well about 30 seconds after full boot), WeakSauce will re-root your device.

Uninstall app, uninstall SuperSu do a hard reboot (adb reboot)

Uninstall app, Uninstall SuperSu, do a hard reboot (adb reboot), reinstall app, re-root, reinstall SuperSu app.

Trouble shooting:
Uninstall WeakSauce
Uninstall SuperSu app
do a hard reboot (adb reboot)
reinstall WeakSauce
re run WeakSauce
reinstall SuperSu app
then ask for help on XDA (This means don't email me for help on this topic).

Fixed supersu updating
Updated supersu su binary
Fixed replacing xbin at boot
Added more compatibility for older models

Gain root with weaksauce
use firewater (http://firewater-soff.com/)
uninstall weaksauce
flash custom recovery
flash supersu or superuser


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Aug 16, 2011
Getting force closes on my M8, however its the international model. I don't want to unlock the bootloader until we possibly have S-Off so shame this doesn't work.
You have the international model but are using Verizon forums for root? Oo Don't the other methods work for you?

Installed, and rooted. :)

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Nov 15, 2009
The phone is write protected. So all changes on reboot are reverted. We need S-OFF for full root.

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