Rooted but cant Unlock Bootloader? (Xperia E1 D2004)

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Jun 17, 2016
i got this from a friend in Canada (i live in the states) was surprised i was able to get the SIM Unlock code but not sure how much more usefull past end of 2019 actuall cell service will be on this as 3G is shutting down by providers in my area by Jan 1st 2021). I Managed to root it Easily (Towelroot/Kingoroot)but notice theres custom roms avilable for this aging phone./ ( wouldnt even use this for everyday use, i have a galaxy A20 as my daily driver as it were,)

Going thru the Service menu, and looking at options it does sadly show the bootloader is in an "No" state for unlocking. Is there a means to force this so i can flash TWRP&LineageOS?
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