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Rooting android “the old fashioned way”

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New member
Oct 27, 2021
[COLOR=var(--darkreader-inline-color)]So recently the oculus go virtual reality headset was bootloader unlocked and adb root was enabled. Given that the headset runs android, we’d like to get it rooted. However no at the moment custom rom exists, nor do I have the skills to develop one, and any custom rom developed would likely require serious modification to get running as the device is a standalone virtual reality headset. We’ve also tried magisk but it doesn’t work.[/COLOR]

The best option I can think of is to manually install a SU binary via adb push. However I’m not entirely sure where to find such a binary nor where to put it.

Please can you offer some assistance. While I’m certainly no Linux or coding noob, I’m pretty inexperienced with android and rooting.