Rooting F3212 with Nougat and ver 36.1.A.1.86_R1B

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May 29, 2016
I Have big problem
I Have sony xperia xa ultra dual F3212 aith nougat and unlocked bootloader. I have tried to root it acc to instruction from : .
In the end I should go into recovery to root but I just can not doit. ,-'10. Unplug the phone, hold "Vol-" and "Power" buttons. Release all buttons after phone vibrate' . all I get flashing screen with "sony" and when I release buttons it reboots mormally . I am desperate for Halp, advice anything is better then nothing , please


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Mar 25, 2013
It's same happen to me many times I've tried Hahaha My Device Is Sony XA Ultra F3212.... Someone Can Advice to fix this?
You must follow the Instructions carefully mate.
1. Preparing 2 firmware stated by @rrvuhpg and take note the bootdelivery.xml to enable access to twrp
2. At fastboot mode upon flashing,your phone's screen will show a written success-ish
3. Volume - plus power button and after sony splash logo and a vibrate ,you may release the buttons if not, you're missing something in the Instructions
4. All credits are to @rrvuhpg