Rooting HomTom HT20 Pro

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May 18, 2013
Guys, please help. I tried everything with Flash Tools and nothing. There are a few Russian sites that claim to have rooted it, but my Russian is simply zero.
Bootloader is locked too.
Your help will be much appreciated.


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Oct 8, 2016
Do you still need root ? i kinda find a way how we can root every chinese phone if there is SP_Flash_Tool package for them.
how: ?
download : "HOMTOM-HT20-Pro-Android_6.0-R15-20180302"
unrar, inside are 21 file (atlest for me) , (dont delete original boot.img, make copy somwhere else, then delete it from homtomp package folder)
Then copy boot.img to your phone
download magisk manager, instal it, open magisk manager, press instal, chose Patch Boot Image File.
patched file need to be in downloads as patched_boot.img, copy it to HOMTOM-HT20-Pro-Android_6.0-R15-20180302 folder
rename it to boot.img (original boot.img alredy backuped in different location), replace original boot.img with patched boot.img .
use SP_Flash_Tool , you can flash all, or chose only boot.img (i used firmware upgrade, but if it not work, use download only)
then you shuld be able to instal magisk manager and acces root. Tested mydelf with homtom ht20 pro, all works, can spoof pokemons etc.
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