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Rooting Mediapad M5 LTE/Wifi Lite

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Jul 18, 2011
I don't like the Test Point method, so You need: Twrp - this edition works: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FoRLBMyQnL1B3lU8bZCqfGL7y_mkeJfk. You need to use HCU, part of the DC Unlocker software. The Magisk.zip needs to be placed in the tablet's folder on the SD card preferably. The tablet must be set to 'transfering files' and the Background Settings, USB port setting, obtained by using the dialler * # * # 2846579 # * # * or the calculator (I believe) for the WiFi version, to Manufacture Mode. So, with the tablet in the operational mode, not Fastboot or anything else, plug it in to the PC. Buy the time-limited mode for HCU and then log in to it. Press read phone info, give it a minute or so then press unlock, after the info states that it detects the phone. The Bootloader should be unlocked, not as in the Developer Mode/OEM Unlocked with USB Debugging selected, which are also necessary. Once you have unlocked with HCU, boot into Fastboot - vol down + power buttons. You should have the minimal ADB folder on the C: drive. Place the TWRP8.img in that folder.Navigate to the ADB folder in your command prompt, something like: CD\ then CD ADB. You should now be in the ADB folder. Type: fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk twrp8.img NOT fastboot flash recovery twrp8.img. Do a reset of the phone in Recovery Mode and it should then boot in TWRP. Flash the Magisk.zip with TWRP. Restart the tablet. You may have reset the tablet in Recovery Mode again to get the TWRP recovery working. You should now have root with Magisk after the tablet re-boots. I did not flash Disable DM Verity. (Earlier, I tried using Magisk to convert the ramdisk.img from the Update.App to gain root. I flashed it with Fastboot but it did not work, it ended in a boot-loop which I could not stop by any means.)


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