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Rooting OnePlus 7T Pro

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May 11, 2021
Can you explain how you got the boot.img and all the steps to patch it?
I downloaded the firmware from the official OnePlus website
Extracted the zip file
Extracted the boot.img from the payload.bin file with payload dumper
Moved the boot.img to my phone
Patched it with magisk
Moved it back to my PC
Flashed it, but got stuck in a bootloop (unable to parse kernel log)

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    Hi everybody,
    I'm trying to root my OnePlus 7t Pro with android 11 installed, but I can't figure out a way how to do so...
    I read some other posts/threads and tried to root it installing Magisk canary but it still didn't work (it got stuck in the booting process, and I had to flash the stock boot image to get it working again). Does anybody have an other idea of something I could try? Magisk doesn't same to get it patched regardless of which version I use...
    Thank you in advance for your help!