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May 6, 2022
Hola, tengo un Lg
G8sThinQy cuando instalo tu v30a (que es el que necesito ya que no encuentro manera de parcharlo) me quedo sin sonido y el telefono se vuelve demaciado pesado y va super lento.
cuando instalo me da acceso root pero me quedo sin sonido

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hi i have a lg
G8sThinQy when I install your v30a (which is the one I need since I can't find a way to patch it) I run out of sound and the phone becomes too heavy and goes super slow.
when i install it gives me root access but i run out of sound
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May 6, 2022
@KITT1995 ¡gracias por la imagen de arranque v30a parcheada! Funciona perfectamente. ¿También tiene la imagen de arranque original de v30a para que pueda actualizarla y volver a estar en stock?
Hello, I would like to know what version of magisk you are using
because if I update to the latest version it gives me an error
I would also like to know how to avoid losing the audio
since when I install that file it removes the audio
Could you give me the file?
because that removes the audio from the phone or if you have a solution for that it would be very useful
From already thank you very much


Jun 21, 2017
Thank you for providing this! I flashed it just a few minutes ago. Magisk 25.1 still shows N/A though. Any clue what I should do? I've done this twice with earlier Androidversions on this phone and it worked.

Edit: It works now. I had to flash the image twice, one on boot_a and one on boot_b
So you just need to do the procedure twice:
"fastboot flash boot_a magisk_patched.img"
and then
"fastboot flash boot_b magisk_patched.img"
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    I got root and Magisk working on my G8s (LM-G810EAW)!!

    The patched boot image I used for my German (NEU) G8s can be downloaded from (check your Android security patch date in the phone system settings and choose the corresponding version):
    Version v10n: here (2019) or
    Version v10p: here (January 2020 security patch) or
    Version v10q: here (March 2020 security patch)
    Version v10r: here (May 2020 security patch)
    (then start on step 11)
    If you have the same model (AND version!) you can use that, otherwise follow the steps below:

    0. Unlock the bootloader (
    1. Go to and sort by date (newest first).
    2. Download the kdz for your region (I chose NEU).
    3. Download (and install python 3.8 if you don't have it, and add it to your PATH variable).
    4. Put the .kdz file in the same directory as the tools.
    5. Open a command prompt and run "python .\ -f .\YOURFILE.kdz -x". This will create a .dz file using the .kdz file.
    6. The newly created .dz file is located in the "/kdzextracted" folder. Move it to the parent folder ("kdztools-master").
    7. Run "python .\ -f .\ -s". This will make everything into .image files.
    8. The output files are in the "/dzextracted" folder.
    9. Find the "boot_a.image" file and copy it to your phone's internal storage with e.g. a USB cable.
    10. Install the Magisk Manager app (
    11. Open the app and click Install -> Install -> Select and Patch a File. Choose the boot.image file. Magisk will then patch it and output a patched image file.
    12. Copy the patched image (magisk_patched.img) file to your computer.
    13. Put the file in the same directory as adb and fastboot.
    14. Enable USB debugging in Android settings and then boot into fastboot with ".\adb.exe reboot bootloader".
    15. When the phone is in fastboot, run ".\fastboot.exe flash boot .\magisk_patched.img".
    16. Restart (".\fastboot reboot") and run the Magisk manager app and you should have root :)

    17. If you do this process for new updates, remember to unhide the Magisk manager app before updating!
    Otherwise, after updating: (If you have a hidden Magisk manager app (repackaged) then you need to uninstall it and reinstall the original version, otherwise it won't detect that you have root!)

    Stock boot image:
    v10p: here
    v10q: here
    v10r: here

    Android 10 kdz:

    Edit 2020-03-19: Added patched boot image for January security patch
    Edit 2020-06-10: To install OTA updates, you need to use LG Bridge on your computer!
    Edit 2020-06-10: Added patched boot image for March security patch
    Edit 2020-06-13: Added patched boot image for May security patch
    Edit 2020-06-15: Added stock boot images
    Edit 2020-09-11: Added .kdz for Android 10 update
    January security patch boot image

    can someone upload the bootloader file for magisk to the rooting for January patch? for DEC,NEU

    i always get errors with python when unpacking the dz file on windows

    Thank you!
    Is this tutorial up to date or has anything changed since you made it?
    I only just bought the G8s (german version) and want to make sure everything is in order, so I don't brick it (on the first attempt). ^^

    Thanks again!

    I'm facing the exact same Problem. That's sad as I bought this phone only few days ago when I read root was available :(
    My G8s is on 1. january patch. Is it safe to use your provided Magisk boot.img? I'm a little worried because of the guys here mentioning bootloops/bricks

    I just updated the post with the patched boot image for the January security patch :)
    If i use the v10p magiskpatched img on the first thread on my g8s that also have v10p need other ? I think that not need python? Right?
    No, simply flash it with fastboot.
    If someone need this, here the patched boot image for v10q:
    Here you have patched boot_a.image from/for firmware G810EAW20j_00_OPEN_EU_DS_OP_0216. I used Magisk v 22.0 (22000) for patchimg. For update to newer firmware I used LG Bridge.