How To Guide Rooting the Mi 11 with the latest ROM

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Aug 12, 2013
I found the solution
1. Hide Magisk
2. boot.img from Rom patched with Magisk afterwards
3. flashing the boot_xxxxx.img again with fastboot
4. After the reboot everything goes as it should


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Jul 29, 2013
first Xiaomi phone, Thank you for the guide
If I remove mi account, it won't affect the unlocked bootloader status right ?
I don't want to wait another 168 hours.

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    first Xiaomi phone, Thank you for the guide
    If I remove mi account, it won't affect the unlocked bootloader status right ?
    I don't want to wait another 168 hours.
    well if your phone is already unlocked, it will stays unlocked forever. unless you RE Lock the Bootloader
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    Since I saw a lot of people asking, I decided to post how to root a Mi 11 (as of 2021-02-11).

    1. Install the ROM. You can find more details in this post. Keep the ROM's files, you will need some of them!
    2. Connect your phone to the PC and put it into file transfer mode.
    4. In the directory you extracted the ROM zip file to, there's a directory called images. This directory contains a file called boot.img. Copy the boot.img to your phone's Download folder.
    5. Open the Settings app, go to My Device, then tap MIUI Version until it says You are now a developer.
    6. Go back to your Settings app and use the search bar to search for USB Debugging and enable it. Click on Yes when it asks whether you want to trust this computer.
    7. Once the file is completely copied, open Magisk Manager on your phone. There will be 2 categories: Magisk and Manager. On the Magisk category, click on Install and choose Select and Patch a File. Navigate to your downloads and select boot.img. Click on Let's go.
    8. When Magisk has finished patching your boot.img file, it will say Output file written to /storage/emulated/0/Download/magisk_patched_XXXXX.img, where XXXXX is 5 random letters/digits.
    9. Open a command prompt on your computer and run adb pull /sdcard/Download/magisk_patched_XXXXX.img , replacing XXXXX with the random characters Magisk showed you earlier. This will copy the file to the directory you are currently in; on Windows, if you are using cmd, this will be C:\Users\[your username].
    10. Reboot your phone into fastboot mode by turning it off, then holding the power and volume-down buttons until it vibrates.
    11. Run the commands fastboot flash boot_a magisk_patched_XXXXX.img and fastboot flash boot_b magisk_patched_XXXXX.img (notice the difference: boot_a and boot_b). Don't forget to replace XXXXX with the random characters Magisk Manager generated. Run the command fastboot reboot and open the Magisk Manager app when your phone has finished rebooting. The app should say that it needs to install some other components; click yes and let it do its thing. It will reboot the phone, and after that, Magisk and therefore the root should be working!

    When I first did this, my SafetyNet check failed. I fixed this by repeating all the steps, except that I updated the ROM instead of reinstalling it. You can update it even if it's the same version; it will just flash everything again. You may need to clear the cache of Google Play and reinstall Google Pay if the SafetyNet check initially failed.
    Hi, I tryed fastboot oem unlock after alow it in developer settings but it says token verification failed.
    It is my first Xiaomi, afert came from a OnePlus 5.
    How can I manage to flash the boot image?
    You do not need to use the OEM Unlock option in the developer options. Mine is still off even after I unlocked my bootloader. You need to use the Xiaomi Unlock Tool found at .
    Before using this tool, you need to log in to you Mi account on your phone. Then, reboot the phone into fastboot mode, connect it to your PC, and use the unlock tool. It will tell you to wait 168 hours (1 week) before trying again. DO NOT RETRY BEFORE THE 168 HOURS ARE OVER OR THE TIMER RESETS! Even if you are a single minute early, it will reset the timer.
    Once the week has passed, do this again and your phone will be unlocked. Warning: This will erase your data.

    You should prepare the boot image BEFORE unlocking, because otherwise you will have to go through the phone's setup, install Magisk, patch the image, and wipe the phone again.

    Another warning: Do not re-lock your bootloader. If the bootloader is re-locked with any ROM other than the one the phone shipped with installed, the phone gets bricked.
    Thank you for the explanation.
    I did everything as you said, now just need to wait for the painfully 168 hours...

    Is there already a .zip to flash in order to disable encryption? Just to not risk losing my data in future updates.
    If you use the Xiaomi.EU ROM, you can update without wiping your data. They give you 2 scripts - 1 for installing and 1 for updating.
    Thanks for the write-up. Worked like a charm (Y)
    Ok noted. I rooted following the full process 3 times and cannot get the safenet.
    That's weird, it works perfectly fine for me. Maybe you need to re-download your ROM.

    If i pdate the eurom how i root again? i must the process again? Sry for my Bad English!
    Yes, you need to repeat it. After updating, copy the boot image, patch it again, etc, like in this post.
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