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Jul 4, 2017
Does any one know if anyone is working on adding rs988 support to lineage OS or if anyone might be interested in giving it a shot?

I'm interested in this as well. I suspect initial sales number for rs988 was low but with stores like B&H blowing their inventory for $250, I suspect a lot of them are now being sold. Hopefully LineageOS will add support for this model before LG stops updating the phone.

Christopher Price

Senior Member
Jul 24, 2014
You don't need a KDZ to get off of 10h. Autoprime posted a fix months ago via TWRP

Yeah, tried it a couple hours after I posted. I just got my RS988, so catching up.

The LG Bootloader Unlock site was completely dysfunctional with Chrome on Mac, apparently not alone in that. Will try to build LineageOS tonight and try unlocking again with a PC...

I primarily am interested in LineageOS as this is a Cat 12 LTE phone for under $200, and with LineageOS I could retool the device for IoT use... alongside Cat 12 speeds.

Christopher Price

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Jul 24, 2014
Unfortunately it appears LG has shut the door on Brightpoint RS988's. Attempting to unlock the bootloader on LG's web site now displays a specific error, noting that the Brightpoint version of the RS988 is not elegible for bootloader unlock.

Why LG is going to this length, for a small carrier (which I'm all but certain doesn't care one bit about this scenario), is beyond me. But it certainly has soured me to trying again. Probably going to hold out for a Sony XZ1 Compact at this point.


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Sep 27, 2010
I would like to try building Lineage OS for the RS988. I've never built a rom from source though. Can anyone tell me what I would need to do to get started?

Be prepared that sadly LineageOS has enormous amount of bugs that might be untrivial to solve like broken NFC & quick charge for most of devices, buggy Bluetooth, crashing apps and such.
+ you need Linux either locally or in VM
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