**Rules for Posting in Development**

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the Doctor

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Dec 15, 2011
Only the following topics are allowed in the DEVELOPMENT area:

[DEV] - Development for any special projects or apps
[ROM] - Custom ROMs
[KERNEL] - Custom kernels
[MOD] - Hacks & modifications for the phone with code only; zips go in Themes and Apps
[FIX] - Fixes for known issues & bugs
[R&D] - Research & development for devs only, when gathering data for a new projects
[HOWTO] / [GUIDE] - How-to instructions and guides related-to/requiring development (Most guides belong in How-To)

Note: If you are unsure of where your new topic should go, then please post it in How-To.

  • Please Include Screen Shots for ROM / MOD / THEME / Apps & Games when possible as they are expected by our members.
  • DEV Support for ROM / KERNEL / MOD / THEME must be provided within the XDA thread posted by the developer, otherwise it won't count as a development, and in turn it'll be considered [INFO]rmation / [REF]erence and moved to How-To.
  • Unmodified Stock ROMs and Source Codes do not count as DEVELOPMENT projects unless they are part of an active project you have already started.
  • Passwords must be provided for all password protected files.
  • Direct download links are preferred due to stipulations stated in forum rule #11.
  • Extra emphasis on rule #12.
  • All ROM / MOD / DEV / etc... found in the DEV section not created by the DEV themselves does not qualify as a development, and will be moved to How-To. It should be properly tagged as [INFO] or [REF] with links to the source website were it was found.
  • Please keep all non-development relevant chatter off the DEV project topics. Feel free to create a new topic in How-To for non-development comments about specific ROM / MOD / THEME / etc... Valid replies within a DEV project are: BUG reports, problems, troubleshooting steps & logs.
  • Please keep all your personal bickering in PMs, and do not pollute the forum with your personal differences.
    If you have a problem with a specific member, please contact the moderators for help--that's what we're here for, but we are not babysitters. We are here to gather, organize and provide useful information for our over-priced phones. ;)

For additional details please read the full Forum Rules.

Thanks for your cooperation
The Moderation Team
Not open for further replies.