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Feb 11, 2016
iwant to learn s-off s-on htc sensation xl

iwant to leran how can i s-off and re s-on htc sensation xl because i search for the method but it didnot work with my phone please
iwant to learn this and how can i returend my bootloader to the message (locked bootloader) not( relocked) and still s-off and worked custom recovery and rom when i returend it to message(locked bootloader) because when i relocked the bootloader the message (relocked bootloader)but icant use recovery and factory rest maybe because the security is on
thank you very much
best regards;

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    Runnymede S-OFF

    Since we didn't have S-OFF on Runnymede, I decided to work on it, and here is the result:


    It's basically a patched bootloader that pretends S-OFF (not to be confused with Radio S-OFF.)

    The following commands have been tested and working correctly:

    erase (system, recovery, boot)
    flash (zip, system, recovery, boot, hboot, radio)
    It also by passes the CID check (See the next post for a workaround.)
    and here is the flash "zip", "hboot", and "recovery" demo:

    It's still under development; since many people asked me to release it, I decided to release a public beta:

    Download (Windows Only) (link removed, see below)

    Open the attached file and follow the instructions.
    You'll need to install a stock RUU (or if not available, you can flash this stock recovery posted by fshami on an unlocked device) and install HTC Sync Drivers.

    Note that this is not guaranteed to work and I won't take any responsibilities if something bad happened to your device.

    My farewells

    I had lots of fun modifying Runnymede HBOOT and it was a great experience. I want to say thanks to all of the testers for their feedback and also for being nice and patient (maybe I should have released this after my exams, so I'd have enough time to work on it), and I'm sorry for the problems you may have faced because of the incompleteness of my work.

    Recently guys (known for Juopunutbear S-OFF) provided their patched HBOOTs. Apparently these are available for GB and ICS, by-pass CID check and have optional update protection: said:
    It was identified by XDA memeber fardjad that the hboot partition on the runnymede is not protected and can be written to with a rooted phone. One of the members of unlimited had for a short period of time the occasion to use a Sensation XL. Having seen the discovery made by fardjad and due to some limitations in the procedure, this memeber created hboots which provide more complete S-OFF functionality as well as providing overwrite protection. Almost immediately afterwards the European Sensation XL obtained an ICS update. Unfortunately for may users this meant that a new and backward incompatible hboot was introduced. The unlimited member again created modified hboots for his own use. It was not originally intended that these hboots would be released for general use, however we are aware that many users are unhappy with the limitations of unlock but have had to do this in order to make full use of ICS. We have therefore decided to release the GB and ICS versions of these hboots.

    See this post.
    How to install RUUs with different CIDs

    You won't get Radio S-OFF with flashing this HBOOT. Having this said, even if you enable writeCID function in HBOOT you can't change the CID.

    I thought people prefer to install one of the custom ROMs floating around in Development Section and flashing the Radio separately rather than upgrading to ICS using RUUs... well I thought wrong :)
    And for those having problems with CID, here is a workaround:

    First thing you need to do is to extract the file from the RUU. I believe Shen posted a video on XDA-TV showing this, here is a quick how-to however:

    1. Open the RUU.
    2. After the Welcome screen has shown up, open %temp% in explorer (ie. Meta/Win-Key + R, type %temp% and press enter)
    3. Sort items by Date modified and open the most recent modified folder having a name like {3F99782F-1E57-40F2-9F33-D48C3DC171C5}
    4. Search for and move/copy it to somewhere else.
    5. Close the RUU.

    Now download SigTool (link removed, see the first post) and place it beside the file. Open Command-Prompt, navigate to the relevant directory and execute the following:

    SigTool rip
    the expected output is:

    Creating backup...
    Ripping signature...
    Extract the signature-ripped file.
    Open android-info.txt in a *nix end of line aware text editor (ex. Notepad++). You should see something like the following:

    modelid: PI3920000
    cidnum: HTC__001
    cidnum: HTC__E11
    cidnum: HTC__203
    cidnum: HTC__102
    cidnum: HTC__405
    cidnum: HTC__Y13
    cidnum: HTC__A07
    cidnum: HTC__304
    cidnum: HTC__032
    cidnum: HTC__J15
    cidnum: HTC__016
    Add your phone CID

    If you don't know your CID you can get it this way:
    While your phone is in bootloader mode and connected in FASTBOOT-USB mode, execute this:

    fastboot getvar cid
    it should output something like cid: T-MOB101

    then add a new line (cidnum: <YOURCIDNUM>) below the modelid in android-info.txt so it looks like:

    modelid: PI3920000cidnum: T-MOB101...
    Save changes and close the editor.

    This is very important:
    In extracted contents you should see a file with hboot name prefix, exclude/take it away and repack other files. I assume you'll choose for the archive name.

    Now you should null sign (that's how I like to call it) the file:

    SigTool nullsign
    and flash the null-signed rom zip file:

    fastboot flash zip
    when finished, flash the 1.28 hboot you moved away before:

    fastboot flash hboot hboot_*.nb0
    Reboot your device.

    I know this is not the easiest guide ever but I really don't have enough time to create a one-click tool for this. Needless to say that this is not guaranteed to work and I won't take any responsibilities if you bricked your phone.

    Take care :)
    Yes older 1.25 as my phone is soft brick too. Unlike you I can't flash ruu as no Europe ics ruu file as yet. Hboot 1.28 can't be downgraded as when flash it replaces fard patch. Cid errors on official ruu and my old ruu won't flash as I now have newer hboot. Can we have a patched 1.28 hboot so I can downgrade back to 1.25 and bring phone back lol.

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    Guys please be careful when playing with HBOOT, Radio, etc.

    Here is the easy way to unbrick:

    1. Flash your unlock token on 1.28 if it's (re)locked.
    2. Boot into a working recovery.
    3. Download this and push it to /tmp (adb push fardjadb_runnymede.nb0 /tmp)
    4. get into adb shell and execute dd if=/tmp/fardjadb_runnymede.nb0 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18
    5. reboot bootloader
    6. Download this and flash it to the misc partition (fastboot flash misc supermisc)
    7. fastboot reboot-bootloader
    8. Install a stock RUU
    * As alfchin said, if you want to flash RUUs with different CIDs, extract the zip, open android-info.txt, change CID, repack and flash with fastboot flash zip ...
    What don't you understand? S-Off means security off, the standard way of acheiving S-Off is by switching off the security flag held on the radio partition. This is commonly known as Radio S-Off. There is also another type of S-Off called engeneering S-Off, this is acheived by flashing a special engeering bootloader (hboot) after you already have standard S-Off.

    Now this is neither, This is a special modifed version of the standard HTC hboot by fardjab, this hboot tricks the device into thinking it is S-Off and allows end users to perform security protected actions. But unlike "real" S-Off this is not perm, flashing a stock HTC hboot or RUU will return you back to S-On status.

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