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S.O.S: Sending sms at specific time!

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Senior Member
Sep 20, 2005
Hi all!
I need a program that allow me to write an sms and set a specific date and time when it will be sent!

Is it possible?


Senior Member
Oct 13, 2005
Sorry this isnt a reply but i think that this sort of program would be so useful, i mean you can do it with MMS as standard but why not SMS, i would find it so useful because the misses always gives me trouble because i forget to text during the day, well with this my troubles are a thing of the past :wink: :wink:


Senior Member
Nov 21, 2005
Just search for SMS, Schedule ;)
Or look for O2 SMS..

And why use S.O.S. in al your subjects? I think it's realy annoying! What's next? People adding "I NEEEEEEED YOOOOOOUR HEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!" :p

Before you know it we need a filter to get rid of the junk that people add to their subject.

If you post a problem will be on the top of the list, so people will read it!