[S-OFF] Juopunutbear S-OFF - HTC Rezound

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Jun 15, 2009
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Closing the thread makes it more difficult for us to keep our efforts in one place so we would prefer that it remain open but mods may feel that it should be closed and that is their decision.

In order to make it easier for us, please read this post to give us the opportunity to have this thread stay open.

Please avoid speculating and commenting if at all possible. We will update the first post with progress and/or calls for testers as required. But I will state a couple of things to avoid confusion.

Don't ask for an ETA, we will release when we are happy it is ready (and safe)
Dont ask for the method or code, we will not release that until HTC blocks the exploit.
If it is your intention to donate, do not do so before release.
Don't PM us asking for additional progress/status or information we will keep the threads updated with what information we are willing to release.

Speculation on this helps nobody, not us, and not the Rezound community.

Correcting misinformation also does not help, it just adds to the problem. Please do not post in this thread unless it is in direct response to something either Fuses or I have posted.


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Dec 10, 2009
You know what's more annoying than somebody mistakenly posting something inappropriate in a dev thread?

Someone jumping up and down on them for it, creating a discussion about the post and then having to delete numerous off topic posts.

We have a report post function for a reason, please use it and help keep these threads clean.

Not open for further replies.