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  • Aug 31, 2017
    Newport City
    I'd say an older note phone s pen but if It aint charging not much use.

    Well does anyone know if the s pen from older notes which use tiny batteries inside charge from the wireless charging from the rear of the phone?
    I know for a fact that the S-Pens used in the Note 9 - 20 all have small capacitors for additional remote control and motion gesture functions. So those probably can't be used with the SGS21 Ultra. You would have to get a S-Pen from pre-Note 9 lines. If you want a S-Pen without those capacitors. That said even if you have a Note 9-20 S-Pen it will still function as a regular S-Pen.


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    I bought this note 8 like S-Pen from AliExpress. It works ok. Button is ok. But it is like I need to press it a little bit harder than I'd like to be sure to write or click. Same for my note 2 S Pen. Is there a way to adjust sensitivity? Is there an S Pen that works with a very very light touch on the screen?


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    Dec 2, 2016
    I had a tab S3 and kept the's perfect for me. It's the only one I saw with the pen clip, so I just tuck it like a normal pen in my shirt and go about my day. Pen is big enough to be super comfortable, not intrusive as it is tucked away and best of all, I don't need a big case to keep it. Best of all, it costs a fraction to get a replacement online as it's from an old tab S3.


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    I bought 3 S pens.
    2 from AliExpress and 1 from Samsung.
    1) The Samsung one is the tab s6 lite and is really good. Expensive but worth it
    2) The small one is an Ali version of note 8. It is a little less sensitive but still very useable and really cheap. And it clicks... And it is very addicting... So worth it as well.
    3) The broken one is the Ali version of tab S6 lite and did not have pressure sensitivity at all. Also the tip is not replaceable. So it was not worth it at all... so I tried to fix it 🙂


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      From what I understand you don't need to charge the older S-pen as its not using bluetooth to connect to the phone.
      I've tried my note 9 pen and it works fine, would be good if someone brings out a case which can take different sized pens, maybe some kind of clip which will just adjust to different sizes.
      Has anyone found a decent alternative to the S‐Pen for the S21 Ultra? I'll possibly get the Pro version when it's released but the standard version is overpriced (£35 for a stylus with no active functionality is ridiculous), I just want a cheap compatible one just now that I can use occasionally. The options on Amazon are limited to other-model S-Pens or those ones with the plastic disc on the end. Thanks
      The spen evolution is a Samsung engineering triumph. It actually impresses me.
      Without a Note you loose many of the basic spen features I would think. Not sure the screen would even be able to sense as many tactile pressure levels like the newer Note's do or have the speed. Even a small time delay is noticeable and annoying.
      No hovering functionality either.
      Most times I don't use the spen but smart select is one feature I really like when it's needed.
      It's remote bt mode also works well and not easily duplicated. It's slick and interactive as hell.

      There's a lot of gimmicks most will never use but there are no drop in replacements as the modern Samsung spen is a minor engineering marvel.
      If you're a die hard spen user the Note is the only way to go.