s pen not writing and working on screen properly (please help me if you can)

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Dec 11, 2013
I just bought a galaxy note 9 for about 3 days. it came with android pie preinstalled, from day one I had one very annoying problem with my s pen. Whenever I insert my s pen into the phone for more than 2 hours or so, after removing the s pen for writing, the s pen doesn’t write and work on screen for about 1 to 4 minutes and the screen doesn’t recognize the s pen but after that everything goes back to normal.
I should mention that I tried rebooting the phone, clearing the cache partition, factory resetting the phone and resetting the s pen remote and also I turn off the s pen remote function but none of these method worked for me. (I should point out that the s pen remote function works fine) I kept s pen out of the phone for about 12 hours and then test the s pen on screen and it was perfectly working fine and I also tried with my note 4’s s pen on note 9 screen and the writing was without a problem. I feel that my note 4 s pen is way better than the note 9 s pen and also the pressure sensitivity of note 4 s pen on note9 screen is better for example I had to press very hard on screen with note 9 s pen to get the same line thickness that I can create with note 4 s pen with much less pressure.
In short whenever I keep my s pen in the phone for more than two hours the s pen doesn’t write on screen and completely hangs for 1 to 4 minutes and then works normal.
Please somebody help me because my phone doesn’t have a warranty and I don’t want to stuck with this problem after coming from legendary note 4.

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    Sounds like a hardware problem to me. The spen slot sounds faulty. You need to borrow another note 9 spen to test.
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