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Question S pen pro? or fold s pen?

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Dec 2, 2008
I defo feel for those that don't bear these things in mind lol

The inner protector also seems to smooth out minor dents also which is sweet
You get a warning if you bring the pen anywhere near the screen.

I tried it with my note spen lol. Doesnt going to write on the screen but wanted to see if it even worked.
And yes the spen fold does work on the note just fine.

Here is the warning.


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Feb 17, 2013
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
I ended up buying both. Returning the FE. I simply use gestured and other Bluetooth functions to much. I find the pro to feel better in my hands, but I have larger hands.

The one thing I did find interesting is the holsters both the pens come with. The FE is only a tiny bit smaller than the pro thus, when I consider portability, they're pretty much the same.


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Apr 3, 2008
Then I don't get why Samsung says it just works for the fold. Also the S-Pen pro has a manual switch for Fold and any other Note device. They said something about new protocol or something because the Fold screen has 2 connected digitizer idk.
This is true for the Pro pen. I'm not really sure of its purpose as all Note and Tab devices come with their own pens and the Pro pen's only benefit is its interchangeability. However, it is too large imo.

Samsung purposely changed the frequency of the pen to deny anything other than the Fold ed and Pro s pen as any other s pen is too pointy and could possibly damage the Folds screen.
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