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Mar 22, 2018

Descendant 12.1 June update is rolling out.

Bug Fixes:
Solved an issue with Weather tint on lockscreen
Solved an issue that was preventing some clock to be correctly updated on pulse and AOD events
Solved an issue that was preventing Heads-up to work after disabling Notification Chip
Solved an issue that was preventing Weather icon to be correctly resized according to the user selected display size
Solved an issue that was preventing pulse events to be correctly dismissed
Solved an issue that was causing crashes when "Privacy dots only for system apps" was enabled

Enhanced coherence in Gestures Magic text styles

New Features:
Added Weather widget;
Added Continuity Clock widget, a widget that will mirror lockscreen's clock style to offer seamless transitions from lockscreen to home screen;
Added Lockscreen Events (daily events from calendar), an extra line under date on lockscreen that will show upcoming events
Added a new clock style: Sony Aligned;
Added Descendant Sounds (with dynamic notification sounds) under Settings -> Sounds and Notification

Security patches level
June 2022

Downloads at downloads.descendant.me
Jun 4, 2022
great friend..! it looks very cute! .. do you have the files? for "j7 2016" could you upload them and share links.? please .. I can't find it on google =(


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May 16, 2022
Great custom ROM,Thanks for your efforts, Are there no updates in July and August?When is the next update? Will the next update be Android 13?

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    Descendant is a customised Android ROM that focuses on enhancing UX and UI
    over stock Android along useful features.


    Head to the download page.




    Same as any ROM.
    Do the necessary wipes and flash the ROM.
    No wipes are needed between updates from Descendant itself, unless specified.


    Listing all the additions would be a huge wall of text, that you wouldn't even read.
    So, head over the Telegram group and feel free to lurk.

    Preloaded applications
    Google Apps are included.


    Having a bug or not booting for whatever reason?
    Look for "How to report bugs" on this post.
    Bug reports without logs will be ignored.


    @phhusson | @Letzen | @krule031 | @ezio84 | @linuxct


    January update is rolling out

    Bug fixes

    Fixed a few issues that prevented Bluetooth audio connections to be successful
    Improved Qualcomm BT audio codec selection for eligible devices

    Improved refresh ratio for eligible devices
    Improved font usage in system

    Interface changes
    Power menu will now use Monet colors
    Quick settings header layout has been restyled

    New features
    Double tap to sleep on status bar has been added in:Settings -> System -> Gestures
    Lens can now be opened via lockscreen buttons in:Settings -> Display -> Lockscreen
    "What's new" app is now available to check current release changelog

    Security patches level
    5 Jan 2022

    Downloads Here
    Download is only available by buying a token. Isn't that against 2 or 3 rules within the XDA rules?
    It is free to download, i just downloaded it.
    May update is rolling out.

    Bug Fixes:
    Solved an issue with quick unlock;
    Solved an issue with lockscreen pin layout scramble;
    Solved an issue with Ambient Light that wasn't correctly showing the style selection icon when in Light Theme;
    Solved a graphical issue that was showing an arrow across Google dashboard tab in Settings;
    Solved an issue with Airplane Mode that was preventing QS header to be correctly displayed;
    Solved an issue that was preventing Notification Chips to correctly work;
    Solved an issue that was preventing Status bar tuner to correctly hide volume icon;
    Solved an issue with SafetyNet.

    Improved weather icon transition between Always On Display/Ambient Mode to lockscreen;
    Improved alarm widget positioning over lockscreen;
    Improved user interface for clock theme selection which will now show real previews;
    Improved user interface for Ambient Lights which will now show real previews;
    Improved double tap to wake/sleep transition animation when in Always On Display.
    Sorted all gesture related activity under Settings -> Gestures
    Added full translation for Telugu language

    New Features:
    Added all available options to be assigned on both lockscreen buttons;
    Added the ability to center clocks on lockscreen;
    Added "Pulse to Wake" option for double tap to wake gesture under Settings -> Gestures;
    Added Data Tile to quickly switch SIM data;
    Added Caffeine Tile to keep the device awake;
    Added Visual Feedback in Settings -> Accessibility, which allows visual feedback via flashlight blinking for notifications or calls
    Added privacy dots option to be shown only for user app (whitelisting system) under Settings -> Privacy

    Interface changes:
    Lock/unlock Icon on lockscreen has been moved on top (except when an UDFP is enrolled)

    Security patches level
    May 2022

    Downloads at downloads.descendant.me

    April update is rolling out


    Bug fixes

    Solved an issue that was causing collision between Sony's styled clock and weather
    Solved an issue that was causing wrong scaling for vibration icon in volume bar
    Solved an issue that was preventing Sony's styled clock to correctly update time
    Solved a typo in Settings for the word "lockscreen" in English localization

    Improved fingerprint processes haptic feedback
    Improved Gestures Magic operativity on clean install
    Improved the amount of available apps tinted icon for launcher

    Interface changes
    Brightness bar transition from unexpanded Quick Settings Panel to fully expanded Quick Settings Panel has been improved

    New features
    Face Unlock has been added
    Fullscreen gestures, added in : Settings > System > Gestures > System navigation > Gesture navigation (gear icon)
    What's new can now check and notify for Descendant system updates
    Weather app has been added and will feed weather infos to the system and users

    Security patches level
    April 2022

    Downloads Here