S10 G9730 TGY (hong kong variant)

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May 29, 2010
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Jan 30, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S10
Hi, I have also one Hong Kong variant bought by Internet.
I live in Spain and mostly of things works fine (only Samsung Pau and others small things don't work due to the different country).
I'm looking if it's possible to change the firm or CSC to another mostly European in order to have all of features available but I don't know if this is possible.
I know that GM-S9730 have Qualcomm inside and the others countries with Qualcomm are USA and Canada.
So could someone tell me if it's possible to use Spanish CSC over Hong Kong firmware or change to Canada (Multi-CSC) firmware?
Thanks in advance

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Jan 30, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S10
about G9730 : there is only 2 variants
G9730ZHU for TGY and G9730ZCU for CHC
US and Canada variants are G973U(1) and G973W
https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s10/how-to/g973f-g973n-multi-csc-firmware-t3903050 ( post 4 , 5 and 6 )

Thanks @yakapa40 for your info. My question is if it's possible to change only CSC to have Spanish resources over TGY firm because I don't want to have an expensive brick...
I also updated my phone to ASC8 yesterday.

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Feb 16, 2009
i also have the TGY variant, i'm from france. And tbh everything is working. Samsung pay too. I wouldn't bother changing csc right now guys. Better be safe then sorry flashing wrong things
impossible without root to have more spanish ressources but you have 4 spanish family languages
es : Spanish
ca : Catalan
eu : Basque
gl : Galego Galician

G9730 TGY languages :


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Mar 3, 2005
Can you guys who have the Hong Kong version of the S10 confirm whether there is settings in the contacts app to sort by last name & display by last name.

I'm asking because my daughter's S9 is a Hong Kong version and it doesn't have these settings


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Feb 18, 2010
I would think US contacts app could be used to solve this issue. Surely some kindly XDA member could provide it for you.
zen123, out of curiosity, which order are your contact names displayed?
It's not issue, it's feature of the region. The programs can do nothing, the setting appears and disappears from the menu in different regions and depends on the value in the configuration files in the CSC.
As for me, I long ago changed in contacts places a surname and a name. Now I don't need this setting.


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Nov 25, 2013
Awesome to know for the update! I checked just two or three days ago and it wasn't on samfrew.com just yet (for GM-G9750). I'm going to have to use Odin to update because I unlocked my bootloader. First time owning a Samsung and using Odin. Anyone else in the same boat?

Edit: actually, using Smart Switch does seem a lot less like a pain in the butt than Odin, so I'll do that.

Edit 2: updating via Smart Switch was super easy and didn't take very long at all. I was worried I might get a factory reset and have to restore everything, but that was not the case.
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    Would you be so kind to explain the process in detail, as in your post #131? Thank you
    Of course, all you have to do:
    1. Download and extract this zip file: 00028874.zip (Attached by SteveHG @ post #86 in this thread),
    2. Download and install QPST
    3. Enter into Diagnostic Mode on your phone by dialing *#0808# and then select RMNET + DM + MODEM + ADPL (Do not close that app until we finish)
    4. Connect it to a PC, wait for the drivers to be installed, check in Control Panel > System And Security > System > Device Manager if the phone is listed under PORTS (COM & LPT) something like Qualcomm HS-USB MDM Diagnostic
    5. Run QPST as Administrator and wait for it to recognize the phone.
    6. Select Start Clients > EFS Explorer, in Phone Selection click OK, then wait until it finishes reading the memory
    7. Go into nv > item_files > rfnv folder then find 00028874, right click on it and select Copy Data File To PC browse a location then click OK (This is important because this is the factory config file so we need to back it up by copying to the PC so in case we can use it.)
    8. Right Click on the file (00028874) in EFS Explorer and click Delete
    9. Right Click somewhere inside EFS Explorer where the files are and select Copy Data File From PC
    10. Browse the file extracted from Step 1. (00028874) and then click OK
    11. Head back to the phone and press REBOOT wait for it, enter your PIN Code, then you are done with changing config for Carrier Aggregation I think :cool:

    IF the steps I mentioned above are not working and you are not getting LTE-A or 4G+ Aggregation in Europe
    then you should complete the steps from my post #131 and if it is still not working, let's hope there is someone smarter who can explain the issue XD
    Good luck with it. :cowboy:
    Alright guys,
    I did some testing and I assume that editing LTE B* CA CONFIG values in QXDM has no effect on how the carrier aggregation works in Galaxy G97**s. Of course this does NOT mean that if you edit anything in QXDM it won't effect other functions of the phone, but I can say for sure that the carrier aggregation config is stored in the 00028874 file. This file is responsible for selecting different bands to aggregate. The only problem is that I can't open it (00028874) with any app so it is currently a secret from me which means I can't help you at the moment with changing it to work with other bands. If I ever figure it out how to open and edit it, I'll post it.

    How I got there?
    Well, I deleted 00028874 file from the phone with EFS Explorer, then restarted it. 4G worked fine but aggregation not, then I put it back (the modified one which is in my post #141 ) and 4G+ worked again, so I can safely say that if you delete this file it won't brick the phone but it also won't make much difference if you haven't had carrier aggregation by default somehow. If you wanna enable carrier aggregation all you have to do is head to my post #141 in this thread and follow those steps, but remember this only works for most European countries.

    1. Well, I haven't experienced that thing with dual sim cards, currently in my phone (G9750) both runs on LTE.
    2. Yes probably its a coverage problem, try it in different locations and see if it improves, usually I get 4G+ even at home (I'm in Hungary).

    Hope I helped, and excuse me because of my previous posts, they contained misleading information but it turned out now that CA config is not set in QXDM (at least not in Galaxy G97**s or something prevents the modem to use those values set on QXDM) it is just in the 00028874 file. Sry for my english. :good::cool:
    Debloat list tested in g9730

    Please take into account the following:

    - This is a non root process and everything runs stable and fluid. It does not fully uninstall the package, it just disables it so just can enable it again as long as you remember the package name. Or if you are using "Package Disabler Pro" you can filter by disabled packages. Do it under your responsibility.

    - I disabled a lot of Samsung apps as I only use Google Services (Gmail, Chrome, Gboard, G Pay...). Some functionalities that are disabled in this XML could be useful for some users; for example: Android Auto, Edge stuff, all Bixby packages(you will need 3rd party app to remap bixby button), Theme Store, Galaxy Store (I only enable it when I need to update some apps such as camera or music), S Account, S Cloud, S Pass, S Files, S Keyboard, S Pay, SmartSwitch, SmartThings, S Secure Folder, Work Space, Emoji, AR and VR stuff.

    - I keep other apps because I use them, but can be safely disabled: DEX, S Messages, S calendar, One UI launcher (you need to have another launcher installed first, and you will lose Android 10 gestures), Gallery, S Music.

    - If you have questions for one specific package first Google it as there is information for almost every package in other forums.

    Hope it helps!
    good news new firmware will soon arrive, G9730ZHU2BTA3.
    G9730ZCU2BTA3 firmware is already released for china model

    Enable carrier frequency aggregation for the S10 TGY.
    Warning: All manipulations are your responsibility. Changes made in accordance with this instruction are valid for networks of Russian operators.

    1. Download the attached file QPST_2.7.474.zip (36.36 MB)
    and the attached QUD.WIN.1.1 Installer-10037.3.zip ( 20.06 MB ) file
    - a set of official Qualcomm utilities and the Qualcomm USB driver. Unpack: Install QPST.2.7.474 from the QPST folder.
    2. Enter *#0808# in the dialer, select "DM+MODEM+ADB" in the menu that opens, and connect the phone to the computer. In the Device Manager (it is more convenient to use the view of the "connecting device") there should appear a composite USB device with two COM ports - command and diagnostic, most likely, the diag. port will have Class=SbClass=0xff - this can be seen in the properties of the device (Information - Property = Compatible ID). For this device, you need to manually install the driver from the QUD folder.
    3. In the path Program Files (x86)/Qualcomm/QPST/bin run the QPST Config utility, if the phone is not recognized (SD855 should appear in the Phone column), add the port manually by name (e.g. COM5) by clicking "Add new port". When the phone is recognized, press Start Clients - EFS Explorer and wait for the EFS data to be read.
    4. In EFS Explorer, delete the file /nv/items_files/modem/lte/rrc/cap/prune_ca_combos.
    Attached file 00028874.zip ( 1.04 KB )
    Unpack and replace the file in /nv/item_files/rfnv/00028874, then disconnect the phone from your PC and reboot.

    Please note: after updating, firmware reset, firmware reinstallation, and possibly changing the SIM card (no pattern is detected, depending on the specific card), the procedure of deleting prune_ca_combos and replacing the 00028874 file should be repeated.

    I can´t download the file 00028874.zip, the others can be dowloaded from Maestro2k5 's Android file host.