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S10+ Internet Connectivity Issue After Updating to One UI 2.0

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May 2, 2019
So my s10+ (G975-F) was working just fine. After updating it to latest update, it has been acting really weird. The internet would stop working all of a sudden, like messages on messenger would not send, snapchat would not load, same with fac3bpok and chrome.
Anyone else facing thiis issue? Any help would be appreciated.


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New member
Jan 4, 2020
I have similar issue: No mobile data connection since updating to Android 10 on 12/31/2019. WiFi is working fine. Tried wiping the cache partition as suggested above. Tried restarting, resetting network. Tried calling carrier (Redpocket/Verizon) who did provisioning and taking out SIM card and reinserting/restarting. When switching SIM card to another phone (Galaxy S8+ using Android 9), no issue (Internet worked just fine). But another SIM card on my cell phone (Note 10+) didn't work either. So clearly the issue is with my phone (after the software update), not carrier. Took the phone to local Samsung store on 1/2/2020. Was told I was the first one reporting this since the Android rollout. They suggested factory reset which I am very hesitate to do. Then they suggested waiting for a patch to be released, if there will be one ever.

I am using Samsung Note 10+. I am in California.

Any advice? Thanks