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S10 stuck in bootloader loading screen after trying to flash Magisk to boot partition from the App

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New member
Sep 18, 2021
So basicly, I updated the magisk app and it said I have an update available.
I was on a custom rom named Blastui rom: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...-1-1-odex-v3-45-aroma-like-a-ferrari.4200153/

at the same time, i had twrp installed on recovery.
So i didn't want to earrase that.
Bec. of that i didnt check the "Install to recovery" option in the magisk app and flashed it.
After the flash, i tried rebooting, which failed on the bootloader loading screen.
Then I tried booting into recovery. didn't work.
Then I tried booting into download mode. didn't work either.

it just keeps rebooting in a period of like 5 minutes and then gets stuck on bootloader.

Pls help its my main phone