[S20+ 5G] [Exynos] Clean Bootlogo after unlocking the bootloader

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Jun 4, 2020

Is there a file to do just the S20 as mine is an S20 but not the +. Just wondering if anyone has this file or done one or can point me in the right direction?

While I am on the subject. I have an S20 SM-G981B and the branding is THREE so the Boot Logo etc has THREE. Is there away of removing this or reflashing to remove the THREE branding as I use Vodafone and EE. I done root and used the SamMobile latest Firmware which I still have, think the one I used was BTU but have the Vodafone as well. I am using the TWRP Unofficial and BETA MAGISK. There were 2 CSC files one just CSC and the other HOME or similar name. Which one and what is the 2 CSC files for please? I dont mind re flashing the phone if I can get rid of the THREE branding and at least put either SAMSUNG or VADAFONE. I thought this would have gone when I flashed the device. But it hasnt. TY.

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I did it myself for normal S20 5G, in attachment

Thanks, worked like a charm. . .


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May 18, 2014
Is there a BL tar file for the SM-G988B 5G? I just feel as though removing the bootloader warning only to replace it with the wrong product name is a little bit counterproductive lol but good work other than that!


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Jul 16, 2012
Thanks for the bootlogo for the S20 + 4G from post #15 . It installed without a problem and everything works fine. However, there is a small mistake. In the lower left corner you can see the remnant of the warning message. It is the "Power" icon and the words "Press Power key top continue". It is displayed for a few seconds before the icon and text disappear. Can it be improved?

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    Hey folks...

    Now that we have working root for our S20+, and as we know, since the S10 series, Galaxy phones show that ugly and verbose boot screen indicating the unlocked status, I wanted to share my (small) cleaned-up customization of it.

    * !!!! Only tested for S20+ 5G (G986B), should work for the others S20/S20+/S20 Ultra 4G/5G too, although the actual logo image won't make much sense :)
    * Unzip the attached `up_param.zip` to get the actual flashable .tar
    * Boot your device in Download Mode (USB cable plugged, hold Vol+ & Vol- while restarting).
    * Click Vol+ to actually enter Download Mode
    * From Odin, load the extracted `up_param.tar` file on any slot, and hit Start
    * DONE!

    If this helped you, please hit Thanks! :eek:

    Here is a version for the S20+4G (G985F).

    Install it like mentioned in first post.

    Superclean bootlogo for S20 5G

    I decided to make one "superclean" for the S20 5G

    Unzip the file and flash the tar in Odin

    Picture and file attached
    could you make one for s20 4g?(regular) (g980f)
    Thank you

    here is the BL file
    Here we go. Thanks in advance !
    uncompress ZIP and flash .tar with ODIN.
    Use at your own risk, I'm not responsible.