S20 Ultra ( dual sim/ exynos ) Green Overlay issue


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Sep 21, 2017
Well as the topic states, there's green overlay / green tint on certain apps when you have frame rate set to 96 / 120
I'm on the s20 ultra , dual sim exynos variant

How to replicate :

1. make sure you're running 120fps
2. brightness i reckon should be below 30% or so
3. open telegram, open any chat and click the attach file button
4. green overlay will appear ; refer to the images below

i. no tint


ii. holy mother of the incredible hulk


5. horrendous green overlay also appears on games like pubg and a few others. I never played games but i did download it to test.

Hope Samsung is aware of this and does something about it.


Added list of apps which are facing this bug
- Attach file section in the Telegram app
- Adding card section in the Samsung pay app
- pubg
- snapchat
- google maps
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Sep 21, 2017
I have the same issue on my S20 Ultra "ATCT" and on the Opera Browser Beta App too.

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Need some to tweet this thread to samsung.

Saw many reports on the samsung forum but they never got back to the users. Always with the generic reset your phone replies.


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Feb 26, 2012
Im pissed off at Samsung yet again! I pre-ordered s10+ last year and the camera was ****, so returned it.But after looking at the ads and leaks of s20 ultra I was really impressed and pre-ordered it. And this is **** too, and when I see the comparisons between the SD and Exynos- it frustrates me even more. I mean for the same hefty price why arent we getting the same performance? Battery is **** even at 60hz, less than a day! And I see these random issues

- Autofocus wasnt even working after the latest update ATCT
- Editing and saving a contact doesnt save the new information
- Opening a contact page sometimes displays empty fields
- Switching off the notifications for an app from the notification bar (long pressing) doesnt turn off the notifications
- Green tint issue like this
- Night mode doesnt work sometimes, the pictures come up dark as F***
- I also faced in night mode the shutter button doesnt respond sometimes, I have to click it several times
- And the fingerprint, omg so laggy
- And the 'swipe down anywhere on the screen' to get the notification centre doesnt work. I have to like restart the phone to get it to work