S21 FE Leaks


Jun 16, 2015
Source (Use a translator): https://elrincondechina.com/noticia...-el-snapdragon-870-nuevos-detalles-filtrados/
In short:

-Snapdragon 870 (A "definitive" version of the 865 from the S20FE's)
-8GB RAM + 128GB HDD
-AMOLED 6.5" FHD+ 120hz + Fingerprint Reader
-3 Rear cams of Main 12, Ultra Angular 12 and Telephoto 8 (Optical Zoom x3). Front 32 camera (Hopefully they fix the blurryness issue from the original S20FE, as i compared the S20FE next to a S21 and the difference is pretty noticeable both selfies and normal camera (Sharper, minimalistical noticeable "blur")

-4500MaH (No W specified)
-AUDIO JACK 3.5 (However, the "report" link within the article has NO mention of that, so take it with tons of salt. This one https://news.mydrivers.com/1/740/740269.htm )
-NFC Chip
-4G Variable but with Exynos 990

Might come in the upcoming weeks but no more info so far