S21 issue with Chromecast media control on lockscreen ?

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Hi everyone,

I've noticed something annoying : Media control doesn't work at all on lockscreen with Chromecast. Include apps like YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ ...
Somehow, volume control works fine with the physical buttons, but I can't pause/play/previous/next.
Media control works fine if not casting, for example when playing Spotify on my phone, control on lockscreen is fine.

Screenshot_20210412-190918_One UI Home.jpg

Saw several people complaining about this on Samsung community, but didn't find any solutions... Seems it appeared since OneUI 3.0

Does anyone have the same concern ? Did you resolve it ?
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Nov 8, 2012
Rio de Janeiro
I don't know about chromecast since I don't use it, but I get the same issue when I play music through "OK, Google".
Everytime I use "ok, Google, play (song, music, playlist) on Spotify", the lockscreen controls don't work to play, pause, skip and go back. I thought it was something to do with Spotify, but they could not help me with it.
So I guess it must be something on samsung or Google.
Saw several users with this problem, and I think it might have the same cause as yours, but haven't seen a fix for it yet.


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Jan 14, 2014
Yeah, got exactly the same issue and there are even some posts about it on Samsung forums and reddit. Tried to get help via the Samsung members app but they say they can't see any issues on my system logs and the screen capture. I start to hate Samsung for their really bad support.
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