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S21 Positive comments

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New member
Feb 10, 2021
I have the base s21 on order due to arrive on friday upgrading from an s9. So far i'm yet to see any positive comments about the phone and is making me consider sending it back straight away and getting something else.

I would love to hear nice comments from real day to day users to hopefully sway me back the other way but with the camera, battery and chrome issues i've been seeing i don't know if i can commit.


Senior Member
Feb 7, 2013
Damn i've been plague with terrible battery life on my exynos S9 and was hoping to finally have a phone that lasted longer than it

The battery is good, just not on this latest february update. Before the update my S21 exynos had good battery life (6hours SOT on 4G, 7-8hours SOT on wifi). So we just need to wait for samsung to fix the battery drain this newest update caused.


Senior Member
Sep 13, 2009
Haven't had any of the issues others are posting, S21 (Snapdragon). Coming from 20+ battery not as good, but not seeing the drain others are complaining about. Very happy, even my Smart unlock works much more often, and finger print reader definitely better, but not near as good as my old Pixel. It was lightening. Loved the look of the old curved screen, but with flat, have less issues with case fitting and accidental swipes. Prefer the S21 size, I don't use my phone for games or Kindle, more as a phone and information center and controller for other devices. Oh yea, and a ton of music and Android Auto, wifi calling works better, even my screen saver when charging stays on now even though hits 100% charged. Glad I took them up on the "free" upgrade