S21 Settings/Software update saying "Your software is up to date" with old software Android version 11, UI version 3.1.

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Dec 16, 2022
I bought this unlocked phone on ebay last December 2022 for a good price and it has worked great with a few issues. This time I can't seem to update the software even though it's old Android 11, UI 3.1 from 2021 and new software Android 13, UI 5.1 is available (looked at my son's S21+ last night). I tried to update in phone settings and says it's up to date. I tried with Smartswitch and there is no screen coming up that says an update is available. So from my research apparently I may have to flash new firmware with Oden and Frija, but this could brick my only phone, so I'm reluctant. I'm posting here to see if I'm missing something, or will I have to do the entire Oden/Frija procedure? If I leave my phone at Android 11 will my phone start having issues in the future with old software? That's my concern.

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Jun 5, 2023
I have the same problem. Maybe the solution is backup all data to samsung account and fresh reinstall a rom in the same version as the phone is to not lose data. After that the update via OTA should be released. But these are all guesses. I will test it on mine