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hello i'm nosidam although you can refer to me as nosi or idam for short, at any rate it has come to my attention that for over two year's individuals much like myself that are into high resolution photography have been wanting access to the raw resolution of the hundred and eight megapixel (108mp) sensor and countless have tried but unfortunately to the best of my knowledge to no avail, for the past few months i've been working on just that and recently completed the project. the hundred and eight megapixel (108mp) sensor with raw resolution has been unlocked the only dilemma now is making it possible for other's to do it, my method required a very custom language and architecture emulation in order to make it possible and unfortunately the very language and architecture as you could surmise from the necessity for emulation was derived from custom harware and wasn't designed to be utilized in conjunction or substitution for commercial applications or software, additionally unfortunately the language is behind a wall of confidentiality obligation due to what it's used in and for so as you can imagine that means i can't simply distribute it openly although i am working on another project to make it possible utilizing commercially accessible and viable software that can be distributed so that it'll be available for disclosure although until then despite not being able to currently share something distributable i can actually show you the results and comparisons and results of my tests as well as give you some interesting statistics lol.
that should be a link to a google drive folder that has various comparison photos, i've never posted on here before so i don't know if the attached image's will be fully viewable in their respective resolution or if they'll be compressed or not as of such you should be able to download and view the images without any compression from google drive also i tried drop box but it's uploading was spotty and slow despite having fiber gigabit internet and they only offered two gigabytes, so google drive being much faster and consistent without random pauses for uploading in addition to boasting a free ten gigabytes was a clear winner lol,
the phone's default hundred and eight megapixel (108mp) sensor photo is the file labeled:
it's resolution is twelve thousand by nine thousand (12,000x9,000) with a standard dynamic range and is a jpeg file that has been compressed down from what should have been an absolute minimum of a hundred and eight megabytes (108mb) down to just thirty one point seventy six megabytes (31.76mb) which is a minimum compression in file size of seventy point fifty nine percent (70.59%) so as you can imagine it becomes something similar and or closer to being akin to that of a hot mess so to speak, you'll usually see over sharpening occasionally to help accommodate for a lack of quality to give "perceived quality" and seemingly a lack of dynamic range(potentially from the compression or justcthe onboard post processing) as well as artifacting... which personally i do understand why they would do such a thing, people would run out of memory substantially faster if each photo was over a hundred megabytes minimum but honestly if i'm spending one point four thousand dollars on a phone then i'd like access to everything the camera has to offer therefore even if it's hidden behind advanced settings i think we should at least have the choice, although unfortunately even the twenty one ultra with all of it's very state of the art power and processing especially at release still struggles to handle that amount of information and memory so i have to wait between photo's because the phone gets very hot and also starts to stutter or freeze a bit, utilizing the full potential of the sensor is slightly unstable but still possible and i think they should allow it could to be enabled with a disclosure that it's a potentially unstable and experimental setting but instead it's full potential has remained behind close doors so to speak (os lockdown and software lockouts) well i'm working on making the raw one hundred and eight megapixel(108mp) sensors raw potential commercially available i'm also working on a professional mode in my own functional language which will allow much more fine precision control.
now for the moment of truth, the file named:
is twelve thousand by nine thousand (12,000x9,000) in resolution and has a file size of one hundred and sixty nine point fifty four megabytes(169.54mb) with a seemingly high dynamic range(either that or the standard dynamic range has been impacted by the onboard post processing and compression) so just by the file size differential i'm quite certain that you can ascertain that it's actually going to retain all of it's quality lol it's fifty six point ninty eight percent(56.98%) higher in file size than the bare minimum hundred and eight megabytes(108mb) standard, overall it's file size in comparison to the phone's default version is five hundred and thirty three point eighty two percent(533.82%) higher meaning that the phone's image is only eighteen point seventy three percent(18.73%) the size of the raw file quality one, which is a mind-numbingly substantial difference lol and personally i will always take higher quality and larger file sizes over low quality smaller file sizes, i haven't gotten an s23 ultra yet but if i do you can be sure that i'll endeavor to unlock it's two hundred megapixel(200mp) sensors potential, it's my opinion that if these sensors exist in our phones then we should be allowed to fully utilize they're capabilities and potential lol.
i created some very easy comparison crop out photos from each image that have been cropped(not resized) to the standard 1440x3200(WQHD+) resolution of these screens, the first screen shot is a WQHD+ comparison cropped from the default one hundred and eight megapixel(108mp) photo and is named:
and is very clearly compressed by the aforementioned percentage whereas the WQHD+ comparison taken from the raw quality version is named:
and is very clearly not compressed and retains all of it's raw quality potential.

on a sidenote i'd like to extend special thanks to M0nK_101 for suggesting a variety of sharing services such as drop box and google drive at my request to share the comparisons lol.

if you have any questions or concerns feel free to let me know.

with that said i'd like to thank you for potentially taking the time and patience to read this i appreciate it.


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Mar 20, 2019
So like any update? Will it work on other devices using samsung sensor?
like Redmi 10 pro using hm2
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So like any update? Will it work on other devices using samsung sensor?
like Redmi 10 pro using hm2
affirmative unfortunately thus far i have not yet found an unofficially distributed commercially accessible means to unluck the 108mp sensors raw quality potential outside of my project C.I.A.R.A emulation although rest assured i'm still currently working on it also i'll elaborate compatability details when a publicly distributable prototype is viable lol.
neither it behaves in certain ways like an application although ultimately it's custom hardware software emulation that allows the internal onboard sensor algorithms responsible for compression and file formatting to be sidestepped so to speak.


Mar 28, 2018
I see, very interesting! So I would Hage to hook the camera module up to another board in access it from there? Or will it be possible to use the phone itself?