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Question S21 ultra exynos esim data issues

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New member
Apr 16, 2019

I've been using the s21 ultra 512gb exynos for the last few months and have encountered numerous issues. Honestly one of the most unstable phones I've owned. This is my first and last Samsung phone, there support isn't much help either.

One major issue I've been having is related to my esim. Since the July security patch, mobile data would drop out after 10mins and would not automatically restore unless I either restart the phone or toggle flight mode.

I have a personal sim and work sim (one physical and one esim in the same phone).

I've reset factory settings, and now have the latest firmware version as of a few days ago. Some details of troubleshooting so far:

- Reset to factory settings
- Add the esim profile from scratch
- Reset apn settings
- sent numerous logs to Samsung whilst the issue is happening.

I've also tried a different carrier esim, no issues with them whatsoever. Tried a physical sim from my current carrier, no issues at all.

I'm not sure how to proceed and it's getting quite frustrating. Has anyone encountered this issue or know of any workarounds?

Thank you.