Question S21 Ultra motion smearing issue

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May 16, 2021
I have been noticing significant motion smearing on my S21 Ultra. I did a side by side comparison to a OP7tpro to make sure that it was not my eyes playing tricks on me. I also tried with a friend's S21 Ultra and it yielded the same result so I know it's not a random defective unit on my side. I notice the issue prevalent on videos that are rendered with the HEVC codec. I really hope Samsung has an update that fixes the issue. The whole point of getting an Ultra phone was for a no compromises phone and this hasn't been the case. Do any of you guys also face the same problem or have a solution. I tried lowering the screen resolution, the refresh rate, turning on and off video enhancer, blue light filter, and even factory reset my phone once.


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Mar 15, 2021

Maybe you can focus on the character outlines when they are in contrast with the white background
This is a 30fps video. I watched it in 720p.
My screen resolution was set to 720p and I couldn't notice any blurring.
I'll check again, try different resolutions, and report back.