Question s21 ultra or pixel 6 pro?????????

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Apr 24, 2021
Google Pixel 2 XL
Google Pixel 6 Pro
221+gb is wav and HDCD files, music.
Around 100gb is movies.
All above are expanding by the gb.
30gb documents.
Full backup for a reload including all critical data installable copies of all apps and updates.
>10gb are phone pictures.
My main database is about 2tb though. All my PCs are setup as dual drives with one or more data drives. That doesn't include about a dozen of isolated backup hdds.
What do you do with that many docs and movies? Business related or just personal? When do you have time to watch movies?

I'm not hating , I'm just trying to see what goes on in the daily life of someone who has a use for expandable storage since I'm in the minority of folks who just use my phone for texting, music and web browsing lol.


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Dec 6, 2008
Selden, NY
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Last summer, I got bored with my Pixel 5, and sold it to buy a Galaxy S21 U. I kept it up until the Pixel 6 pro was released, then I sold the gs21U and bought the Pixel 6 pro. I can say without a doubt that I take better pictures with the Pixel 6 pro than the gs21U. The Galaxy took good photos, but a lot of the times the color was way over saturated, and that took away detail. The Pixel just has a more consistent camera.
☝️ This exactly.


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Apr 24, 2021
Google Pixel 2 XL
Google Pixel 6 Pro
I think when the Galaxy S22 comes out I'll give it a shot to see what it's like. I really hate the battery life whenever I'm not on wifi. When I charge my phone to any value it just has a high rate of drain that makes no sense to me. It's not what I expected out of this phone and it has been super inconsistent in how it performs.
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Jun 23, 2020
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
What do you do with that many docs and movies? Business related or just personal? When do you have time to watch movies?

I'm not hating , I'm just trying to see what goes on in the daily life of someone who has a use for expandable storage since I'm in the minority of folks who just use my phone for texting, music and web browsing lol.
I can listen to music anytime. I never use streaming or the radio anymore. Listening and exploring what I want. I'll sample music on the internet but that's about it.
Movies are easier to watch downloaded. Internet Archives has hundreds of great films in their database. I have my favorites like Lawrence of Arabia which I revisit every year or two. Nothing like having a digital library at your fingertips. I also have epub books, many that hard to come by in paper. It also serves as another data backup... you can never have too many backup drives🤣

My N10+ has pretty much replaced my laptop... for just about everything except backup and photo editing.
Literally I have a 1.5tb dual drive PC in my pocket. Gene Roddenberry would have gone nuts to have something like this... he dreamed of this day.
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Ok how i said yesterday i took some photos with pixel 6 pro and make zoom test outside on middle lighting condition's. Here is 3 zips every sip have photos taken from diferent apot one is about 8 meters sexond about 4 and third anout 2 meters from object there always 7 photos .... ultra wide 0.7 then 1 mean no zoom and then 2times,4times,8 times,12 times a d last 20 times of zoom s here it is in clostest photos from 2 meters distance is 8 photos....2 20x zoom to can see more thing around


  • PXL_2 meters 0.7,1,2,4,8,12,20,20 x
    21.3 MB · Views: 11
  • PXL_4Meters 0.7,1,2,4,8,12,20 x
    23.1 MB · Views: 6
  • PXL_8Meters ..0.7,1,2,4,8,12,20 x
    25.5 MB · Views: 3
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I can see why some enjoy expandable storage, but I wanna know what y'all do with thousands of pics, video and music files on your phone? Like, do you sit and watch videos all day or even play that many songs? I'm genuinely curious lol
I don't stream music at all. Right now I have over 400 GB of FLAC-formatted music on my Pixel 6 Pro 512 GB model. I like having all my music with me, and not dependent on internet access (nor have to pay for more mobile data - 3 GB each with rollover every month is plenty for my wife and I.

I also want to be able to record very long videos if the need arises. The 512 GB model of the 6 Pro is what I've been waiting on since my last Pixel, the first generation Pixel. In between them for a relatively short time, my wife and I had the Note 10+ and we both had timely notification issues that we don't on Pixel, no matter what I tried or factory reset on the Samsung, corroborated by a few other Samsung owners I know. I'll never go Samsung again, and I loved my Galaxy S3 years ago. The only thing I miss is indeed, the MicroSD card slot, and the stylus was handy at times - Samsung has certain patents on their stylus that make it so no one else in the world can have as good a stylus without compromise, but I prefer for the software and timely notifications to work the way it does on the Pixel.

Hopefully within 2-3 years maximum, Google releases a 1 or 2 TB Pixel. 🤣
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You my kinda person i have also my music with me on streaming services is not all music what i want listen and if i have organized my own music with no payment is much more better. And also lots of time i dont have signal or jumping from 2g to 4g streaming is not good for me too ...i have 128gb pixel iam jealous to you're 512 gb 🤤
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Sep 17, 2010
Google Pixel 6 Pro
If you check my other posts i complain about missing 5g in my country for this phone, but that aside :

S21 Ultra is a far superior phone and i have just gotten a second s21 Ultra, the US version with Snapdragon 888 instead of the Exynos 2100 where i live.

The difference between the 2 s21 Ultra is only huge if you consider the stutter and lag Exynos 2100 variant has(which all Exynos variants and the Tensor has too)

All other parts the s21 being ether the regular + or ultra all got better camera connectivity and screen, overall a better phone, Google only has updates.
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    i dont think you are going to get any recomendations for an s21 in the p6pro forum, :ROFLMAO:
    I think you can find many comparisons on youtube to help building your own impression. As I own both devices at the moment maybe a bit of opinion, of course very subjective and based on my usage of a smartphone camera:

    + S21U: more versatility + in some cases better image quality due to the available lenses
    + S21U: Pro mode
    + S21U: less issues with flares
    - S21U: Samsung image processing, often killing small details/textures
    - S21U: no real/full GCAM support (no blame to the community which is trying its best !!)

    + P6P: overall better image processing and better image quality
    + P6P : low light performance, specifically subjects like night sky / indoor shots with kids or animals...
    + P6P: full GCAM support, so better configurability of image processing
    - P6P: tends to oversharpening in some szenarios (possibly related to:
    - P6P: unclear, SW-based automatic switching of lenses on Zoom szenarios, leading to digital zoom

    Overall I do indeed prefer the P6P camera, but its really close and very much down to preference.

    Aside from the camera:

    + S21U : better hardware (Display, Fingerprint reader, build quality)
    + S21U: better 5G due to more modern modem chip

    + P6P: better software (just love the pure Android feel) + much easier rooting + much more options in terms of development
    + P6P: better battery life (significantly so for me - but only using 4G here)

    Again I prefer the P6P ;)

    Sorry, got a bit lengthy and again: this is all very subjective, so different users here will possibly state different feedback and/or priorities !
    I want to change to pixel 6 pro and I just want to see the different between s21 to pixel 6 pro in photo?
    Plenty of YouTube videos that already show things like this.

    What do you plan on using your phone for, mostly? Taking photos, online chat, email, YouTube, social media etc? Are you a heavy user of your device and need all day battery with customization, or more relaxed where you only use it for basic tasks and don't need customization? That's a starting point that can help us guide you to where you should look.

    If possible, why not see if you can grab a Pixel phone as a trial from your carrier to see how you like it? You really need to be able to go into a store if possible and mess around with a demo model to get somewhat of a feel, and then form a decision based off what you encountered.

    Gathering opinions here is one thing, but you have to get your hands dirty a bit with the real thing and take it from there.
    You want somebody to recommend you get something that has to be HACKED in order to make it work right? Avoid samdung like the plague. Had one once, and will NEVER EVER AGAIN NO MATTER WHAT.

    I had a S21 Ultra from its release up until the Pixel 6 pro came out and I couldnt wait to ge rid of the Ultra. Never liked it. I have found the speed and performance of P6Pro is comprabale to the S21 ultra (Exynos version in the UK). The notifications are better, useability is better but the only thing I miss is the macro camera (and the 100x zoom was a plus, but not esential). i am much happier with the Pixel pro